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C4 (English: Composition Compound 4) is spreads more used and very effective Plastiksprengstoff, which was developed 1966 by the company Synthesia (the inventor was Stanislav Brebera) from Pardubice in Tschechien.


C4 belongs to the ductile explosives. Due to its chemical composition it is to be sought out only heavily by conventional explosive detecting devices. So that C4 cannot be abused for notices, with the production strongly smelling material is attached to the explosive for some time, with whose assistance it can be discovered more easily by explosive trackhounds. To the better visibility in x-ray units to find or in order it with Metalldetektoren Metallstaub is trained.

The storage of C4 is relatively harmless, since it handling is. Neither fires, electricity, still impacts (even with a hammer) cause an explosion. However pressure effect can quite lead combined with heating to the explosion.

The only method C4 to ignite is by Detonator or blasting cap.


C4 consists 2.1% Polyisobuten (mol mass about 1.000.000) of 91% Hexogen, 5.3% to (2-ethylhexyl) - (DOS), 1.6% mineral oil partly sebacat, and to the easier discoverableness marker and metallic powder.

The Hexogen is mixed into a paste with with water. Then the Polyisobuten is solved with the DOS in a suitable solution means (dichloromethane or chloroform) and mixed with the Hexogen. The solution means will abdestilliert and the product can be used.

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