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Domain:Eukaryoten (Eucaryota)
:Plants (Plantae)
:Container plants (Tracheobionta)
:Seed plants (Spermatophyta)
Scientific name
  • (Liliopsida)
  • Einfurchenpollen (Magnoliopsida)
  • Dreifurchenpollen (Rosopsida)

The Bedecktsamer (Magnoliophyta; Magnoliopsida, Angiospermae, etc.), sometimes also strictly speaking as bloom plants (Anthophyta) designation, form the largest and the best investigated group (Taxon) of the seed plants (Spermatophyta, Spermatopsida, Phanerogamae, etc.).

Their Samenanlage is coated of a Fruchtknoten; to their developing in the process of master history see changes of generations. In addition they are differentiated by their blooms. There are however still further distinguishers (line courses, chemical components, fertilization mechanisms and metabolisms), which let the bloom plants appear as a uniform group.

The Bedecktsamer is world-wide the dominant factor group of plants in many ecological systems and the group of plants with most Arten.Die oldest fossils of these plants is about 110 million years old (chalk time), however only a material (Oleanane) in sediments, produced of bloom plants, was proven, which are years old approximately 270 million. Nearly all plants edible for humans are Bedecktsamer - to the few exceptions belong for example Wacholderbeeren, Pinienkerne and some kinds of fern.


The 200,000 to 400,000 well-known kinds of Bedecktsamern is grouped in approximately 400 to 500 families, which are divided traditionally into the two groups of the (Monocotyledones) and the (Dicotyledones).

There are different patterns for the systematic arrangement of the Bedecktsamer. Into the German-language Wikipedia used systematics divides in correspondence to 34. Edition "of the Strasburger "the Bedecktsamer in three classes:

  • Class Dreifurchenpollen (Rosopsida)
  • Class Einfurchenpollen (Magnoliopsida of new, restricted version) (a paraphyletischer Taxon)
  • Class (Liliopsida)

Common, but phylogenetisch not oriented systematics are of arms the Lewonowitsch Tachtadschjan (Diversity and Classification OF flow ring Plants, 1997). It is under as document to find

  • Systematics of the Bedecktsamer after Takhtajan.

In Germany common and therefore not all, but primarily in Central Europe domestic plants comprehensively is those

  • Systematics of the bedecktsamigen plants after Schmeil Fit.

Systematics developed on phylogenetischen principles are those

  • Systematics of the Bedecktsamer after APG

Other important systems are of Arthur Cronquist (The evolution and Classification OF flow ring Plants, 1988) and Robert F. Thorne (Classification and Geography OF flow ring Plants, 1992, Botanical Review 58:225 - 348).

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