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Customer industries of the BASF products

BASF maintains business relations to customers in over 170 countries and supplies those approximately 8,000 sales products of their five segments world-wide to a multiplicity of different Branchen.Zu the large customer industries of the BASF products counts chemistry, automobile and energy industry, the agriculture as well as the building industry. Important customers are settled also in the industries health, nutrition, electrical/electronics, textiles, packing and paper.

Conversion after industries (2004) portions of the annual turnover
Chemistry (no user industry)> 15%
Automobile, energy, agriculture10 - 15%
Building5 - 10%
Pressure, electrical/electronics, health, Kosmetik, leather/shoes, furniture, paper, carpet, textile, packing, wash and cleaning agent< 5%
Portion of other industries togetherapprox. 12%

The chemistry enterprise BASF supplies individual industries with completely different products:

Automobile and traffic

In the range automobile and traffic are beside lacquer systems and many groups of plastics among other things also the radiator protective agent (e.g. brake fluids and fuel additives (e.g. AdBlue").


In the energy industry is the BASF daughter winter-resound together with the Russian natural gas producer Gazprom actively. They created 2003 the Jointventure Achimgaz, in order to promote in the westSiberian Urengoy field natural gas and condensate together. By means of one period of 40 years are in the point up to 8 billion cubic meter natural gas and up to 3 million tons condensate to be promoted annually.


The activities of the BASF are directed not on the exploration and promotion of natural gas, but also toward the natural gas selling. The WINGAS GmbH, a joint undertaking of winter-resound and to Gazprom, drives natural gas out among other things in Germany. For example in Bielefeld: there 2004 were connected by a modern natural gas conditioning plant the infrastructure of public utilities Bielefeld with the WINGAS net.


The requirements at plant protection agents, which are used in the agriculture, are high: They must fast and well work, may no unwanted side effects show and should be ecologically compatible. After models from nature researchers of BASF developed for example the active substance F It is broadly effectively and flexibly applicable against many harming mushrooms in important cultures. Plants and animals remain undisturbed. The most important operational area of the active substance are wine, vegetables, fruit as well as grain.


Apart from the employment in the automobile industry plastics are used by BASF also in the building industry. PCM (phase CHANGE of material) latent heat storage for example are microscopically small plastic balls, which in its core a storage medium out waxes contain. During influence of cold or warming and/or solidifies the wax in the memory caps melts and adjusts in this way the ambient temperature. Building materials, which were modified with PCM latent heat storage, contribute in such a way to energy-efficient temperature management in dwellings.

A further BASF plastic, which is used by the building industry, is the thermal insulation with A special example is the so-called 3-Liter-Haus in Ludwigshafen, which set up a record in the energy saving. In the past winter the tenants did not even use three litres fuel oil equivalent per year and square meter for heating. Thus the energetically modernized old building is more economical than a new low-energy building - and is the far under average value for unsanierte old buildings of 20 litres per year and square meters.


Within the field (household) of electronics participates among other things particularly a product of BASF in front also. Although Espressoautomaten often come along in the noble Metalllook, a BASF plastic plays important role: the in such a way specified is from



Also in the health industry the chemistry enterprise has completely different products. So a simple headache tablet can contain several products of the BASF. As for instance the directly injectable tablet raw material which consists of lactose, a bonding agent 30) and a strongly pouring explosive CL). As smooth coat a polymer IR) protects the tablet and facilitates the income.


BASF is the world-wide largest offerer of UV filters and supplier of highly effective organic and inorganic UV-A and UV-B-filters for many considerable manufacturers of sun protective agents.


For the "ClimaCool"™" - collection of adidas specialists of the BASF daughter Elastogran developed together with the shoe designers that world-wide first all around ventilation screens. A sturdy lattice from Hightech plastic at fussspitze, side, heel and sole leaves fresh air inside, after warmth and humidity outside. Thermoplastic PU is called the material, which already is in many high-quality sport shoes.


For example for customers in the furniture industry developed BASF pigment preparation ions with those MDF plates (centralclose fiber boards) in black, blue, green and red to be through-colored can. The wood fibers remain recognizing thereby clearly so that the plates a natural appearance have. In the difference too normally coated fiber boards can be regenerated the through-colored MDF plates exactly like massif wood again and again. Also after years of intensive use the customer can be pleased now at constantly in-colored furniture, without for example with scrapes the original bright color of the fiber board is to be seen.


"Coated Coldset" is called the new paper quality, which developed BASF as well as the Axel Springer AG. A economical Rohpapier is provided with a thin pigment layer, so that it is whiter and better printable. In the inexpensive compression matter thereby high-quality week final supplements or even magazines can be manufactured.


Sun protection begins not only on the skin, but already with the correct clothes. Therefore the corporation with BS 416N developed a PP, which protects children, in addition, adults the dangerous UV-RADIATION. This additive is trained completely closely into the traditional basic material for yarns. It absorbs and reflects the sun exposure and guarantees so a light protection factor of over 60.


Packing from thin foils from increases the durability, attractiveness and freshness of food, like vegetables and cut salads. Also cups, bowls and boxes are made of the BASF plastic.


The "master Propers of magic Schmutzradierer" of the manufacturer Procter & Gamble consists of the melamin resin foam material and resembles outwardly a normal sponge. Easily dampened it removes persistent contamination without long scrubbing.

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