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Burkhard spiders (* 28 December 1956 in Moenchengladbach) is a German writer.


Burkhard spiders studied Germanistik, journalism and sociology at the William university in after its Abitur, where he attained a doctorate to 1989.

Until 1995 he was a scientific assistant at Institut for Germanistik in Since then it lives as free writers.

Spiders is member in the PEN center of the Federal Republic of Germany. He is a Juror with several literary awards, so for instance Inge-borrows brook man price at the days of the German-language literature in complaint ford. It is besides initial member of the "group 05".

Honors and honours

  • 1991 aspect literary award for thick man at the sea
  • 1992 scholarship of the industry with the Inge borrowing brook man price
  • 1996 scholarship for literature
  • 1996 Kranichsteiner literary award
  • 1999 literary award of the Konrad Adenauer donation
  • 2001 Oldenburger child and youth book price for Belgian giants
  • 2002 Mindener city clerk scholarship
  • 2003 Herbert Quandt medium price
  • 2004 Niederrheini literary award


  • The An sow-Irish scene, 1986
  • A journey by the book. A piece for the school theatre, 1988
  • Age of gluing on. Attempt for the writing culture of the present, and others 1990
  • Thick man in the sea, stories, Frankfurt/Main 1991
  • Typefaces. Studies to a history of emblematischer Kurzprosa, 1991
  • Cold duck, stories, Frankfurt/Main 1994
  • Long Saturday, novel, Frankfurt/Main 1995
  • Comfort and reserve, Frankfurt/Main 1996
  • Model railway. Small philosophy of the passions, Munich 1998
  • Belgian giants, novel, Frankfurt/Main 2000
  • Mobile holidays. Essay and speeches, Frankfurt/Main 2000
  • The black burr. The history of the entrepreneur walter Lindenmaier from Laupheim, Biografie, Frankfurt/Main 2003
  • Lego-Steine. Childhood around 1968, Frankfurt/Main 2004
  • Reserve-gate-wait, stories, Frankfurt/Main 2004

Publisher shank

  • Peter Altenberg: Summer evening in Gmunden, Frankfurt/Main 1997
  • Peter Altenberg: Viennese stories, Frankfurt/Main 1995
  • Peter Altenberg: Viennese night life, Frankfurt/Main 2001
  • In the old house of the language, live 1991 (together with Thomas's existing building and corner hard Czucka)
  • Arthur Schnitzler: Corso at the ring, Frankfurt/Main 2002
  • Arthur Schnitzler: Narrations, Zurich 1994

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