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A building group (short group) is more closed in itself from two or more parts and/or building groups of low order existing article (DIN 6789 documentation systematics), whereby a part is technically more described, and/or more manufactured, a not detachable article manufacturing after a certain work routine (DIN 6789).

In connection with the administration of parts lists single-level bill of materials is alternative term for building group, whereby groups for different purposes can be formed according to different criteria. The construction provides groups according to functions or as re-usable group of pre-assemblies. Calculation and spare part organization can require other groups than the material requirements planning or the job planning.

Building groups (lying close and mechanical engineering)

A building group is a component of a plant or a system, without which the entire system does not function at all or only reduced. In plants and mechanical engineering a building group is seen as section of the entire plant. Building groups as such can be individual cylinders or complex mechanical and electrical cultivations. Building groups in plants and mechanical engineering exhibit the following advantages:

  • The plant remains clear, since one can concentrate in the construction and planning on only one building group
  • In cases of an error the exchange of a building group is enough. Is rarely an interference into the entire plant necessary
  • Building groups with small single functions are easier to realize than a large entire plant

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