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:Sweet-grass-well-behaved (Poales)
: (Bromeliaceae)
Scientific name

The Bromelia is a plant kind from the Bromelioideae in that the (Bromeliaceae). In this kind it gives over 50 kinds.

This generic name is basis for the name of the whole family, which designated Plumier (French Botaniker) the kind after Olaf Bromel (Swedish Botaniker and physician).


The areas hand Paraguay and Argentina from Mexico over the Karibik until. They form a substantial part of the typical Unterwuchses for leaves-throwing off thorn forests in warm, dry regions.

Due to its size one does not find these kinds in private collections in areas in those it by occurrence of frosts in the free one to be rarely maintained can. But in some tropical parks and gardens and also in nearly all botanischen gardens one finds these relatively undemanding plants.


Bromelia kinds are mostly Xerophyten. With their underground they form nearly impenetrable existence and their at the edge of very strongly reinforced, crude sheets can up to 2 become meters long. Therefore they are often planted of the farmers as living fences. Most kinds grow terrestrial. Some few Bromelia kinds are Epiphyten.

At the bloom conditions often remarkably colored high sheets (Brakteen) sit. The triple blooms of their beautiful and decorative bloom conditions wither fast. The Fruchtknoten are under constant.

Bloom formula: \ star \; K_3 \; C_ {(3)} \; A_ {3+3} \; G_ {\ overline {(3)}}

The fruits are large berries with round black seeds.


It gives over 50 Bromelia kinds:

  • Bromelia agavifolia
  • Bromelia alsodes
  • Bromelia Alta
  • Bromelia antiacantha
  • Bromelia arenaria
  • Bromelia arubaiensis
  • Bromelia auriculata
  • Bromelia balansae:
    • Bromelia balansae f. tricolor
  • Bromelia binotii
  • Bromelia braunii
  • Bromelia chrysantha
  • Bromelia eitenorum
  • Bromelia epiphytica
  • Bromelia estevesii
  • Bromelia exigua
  • Bromelia flemingii
  • Bromelia fosteriana
  • Bromelia fragilis
  • Bromelia glaziovii
  • Bromelia goeldiana
  • Bromelia goyazensis
  • Bromelia grandiflora
  • Bromelia granvillei
  • Bromelia cucumber IANA:
    • Bromelia cucumber IANA var. cucumber IANA
    • Bromelia cucumber IANA var. funchiana
  • Bromelia hemisphaerica
  • Bromelia hieronymii
  • Bromelia horstii
  • Bromelia humilis
  • Bromelia ignaciana
  • Bromelia interior
  • Bromelia irwinii
  • Bromelia karatas
  • Bromelia laciniosa
  • Bromelia lagopus
  • Bromelia legrellae
  • Bromelia lindevaldae
  • Bromelia macedoi
  • Bromelia minima
  • Bromelia morreniana
  • Bromelia niduspuellae
  • Bromelia oliveirae
  • Bromelia palmeri
  • Bromelia penguin
  • Bromelia poeppigii
  • Bromelia redoutei
  • Bromelia regnellii
  • Bromelia reversacantha
  • Bromelia rondoniana
  • Bromelia scarlatina
  • Bromelia serra
  • Bromelia superba
  • Bromelia sylvicola
  • Bromelia tarapotina
  • Bromelia trianae
  • Bromelia tubulosa
  • Bromelia villosa

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