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:Stand mushrooms (Basidiomycetes)
:Hat mushrooms (Agaricomycetidae)
: (Russulales)
: (Russulaceae)
:Milchlinge (Lactarius)
Scientific name
Lactarius volume mash
(Fr.) Fr.

The or ranks among the kind of the Milchlinge. From them are well-known in our widths over 70 kinds. Characteristic characteristic of the Milchlinge is the usually white, in some cases in addition, aqueous or orange milk, which withdraws at a location of fracture at the hat. Usually this milk tastes then more or less sharply. Not so with the The white milk dripping off plentifully already with small injury tastes mild with only easily bitter aftertaste and Topinambur smell.

The mykologische kind name volume mash is derived from a equivalent, red-brown pear sort: Volemum pirum. The generic name Lactarius means simply Milchling.


  • That approximately up to twelve centimeters broad hat is depressed in the center. Recent copies have a rolled up edge. The color is orange brown a matte, nearly samtiges.
  • The lamellas are cream yellowish and become with pressure red-brown mark-end.
  • The handle, which is somewhat pale than the hat, can become centimeters high up to eight and is very festfleischig.
  • The milk withdrawing at injuries is mild.
  • An unmistakable characteristic of the is its smell, which resembles from herrings.
  • The Sporenpulver is white.
  • With Eisensulfat the meat of the discolours grey-green.

Microscopic characteristics

  • The Sporen have the following mass: 8-12 x 7-11
  • Thick-walled Zystiden.


To find the is in leaves and coniferous forests from July to Octobers usually in individual copies. Often it arises straight in the warmest August days, at a time thus, in which one does not believe to find mushrooms. Unfortunately its existence are strongly declining for years.

Food value

The is one of the few mushrooms, which can be eaten also roughly. However only small, recent copies. Recommendable the raw benefit is not however, however regarding a possible, already although improbable infection with the fox tapeworm. Substantially more tastily anyway its preparation than roasting mushroom is in the pan; to cook one should not it, since he becomes slimy then. Who already once the smell of a roast (Lactarius mash) in the nose have, which will also in the future for this delicious mushroom a place on the summer and herbstlichen bill of fare hold ready - presuppose he find this desire mushroom also!


To confound one knows the with different smaller Milchlingen, whose milk on the tongue however more or less burns. In Central Europe rather very rarely, the also not frequent kind L arises. rugatus in south Europe, which is very similar to the The differences lie in the absence of the thick-walled Zystiden and the reaction with Eisensulfat. Here L discolours. rugatus reddish.

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