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The Breitling SA ( anonymous, corporation) is a Swiss clock manufacturer.

The company was created 1884 of Breitling (* 1860; "† 1914) in Saint Imier in Bernese law. 1892 were shifted it after La Chaux de fund. Breitling specialized in durable, reliable Chronographen, particularly in flier clocks, and became 1936 supplier of the Royal Airforce, 1942 of the US-American army.

For years the company also airplanes equips the 1950er with cockpit clocks. 2000 were times shifted it a further, finally paged out this time after Grenchen and 2002 the production of the mechanical clocks after La Chaux de fund, which place, at which the company already was 1892. Typical characteristic of a Breitling clock is the turning steady rest with different circular slide rules on the dial. "Emergency "- models are equipped since 1988 with international Notruffunksender at the bracelet. Most well-known model is the Navitimer.

Breitling sponsorte first successful orbiting of the earth with a balloon, "the Breitling orbiter 3 "by Brian Jones and Bertrand Piccard. In addition the company numerous civilian and military aerobatics relays of different states sponsort.

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