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Breakup is the destruction of an article or natural obstacle by explosive. The term covers both the destruction in wars and the peaceful use, e.g. for the removal of buildings, production of and natural products, manufacturing area recesses (biotopes) or for the connection of not-weldable metals with the help of the explosive technique.

further meanings

The term designates technically also the separation from firm materials by bringing in expansively working articles or substances. Like that it is possible to blow up stone apart by bringing in wood wedges since after wood the with large Kraft expands. Also which are frozen, blow up firm substances apart. In these cases no materials fly away, but breaks and separation joints develop.

Blow up designation also the irrigation of lawns.

Admitted building breakups

  • 1950 citizens of Berlin city lock in Berlin.
  • 2004 "long Oskar" in Hagen.

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