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Break marks the material, which develops from the milk thick-put by addition of lab or lactic acid (gelatin or Dickete) in the cheese factory, after she became divided (broken), in order to separate the whey. For this there are different methods depending upon kind of cheese: First the gelatin is cut, so that the whey can flow off, only roughly for soft cheese (more whey remains in the break) and ever more finely, the more firmly the cheese will is. For hard cheese the gelatin with a cheese harp is divided repeated this way and that up to Additionally the break grain shrinks, the longer the break is agitated. As soon as the break grains at the tub bottom set off, they grow together again and can again be divided, which results in a paste.

Cheddaring or Chestern designates a form of the break treatment, with which a supple-smooth consistency of the cheese is reached. Here the break is cut into large blocks, which are then laid on top of each other and shifted, so that the lower in each case piece is pressed and far whey delivers.

The condition of the break can be changed also by heating up (to burn) of the break whey mixture. A temperature rise lets the break grain shrink clearly and becomes more compact. Thus one receives a firmer cheese, which is longer storable. The firing temperature with cheese lies between 41"°C for Fontina to 49"°C or more for Emmentaler. For the production of Mozzarella the break cake is smallcut and with hot water, so that a flexible mass develops, which is then pressed, kneaded and taken off to strands. One calls such kneading cheese also Filata cheese.

The freed whey is taxed away depending upon cheese places, by hanging the break up in a permeable cloth or by layers of the break into baskets or perforated forms pressed out of wood or high-grade steel brought for execution or also under pressure of the break.

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