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These articles is exclusively concerned with the postal history of Braunschweig. On historical or political events become, so far not necessarily, do not eingegegangen. One finds the history of the country Braunschweig under Braunschweig (country).

By the stamps, which were published by Braunschweig between 1852 and 1867, this country is this very day in some collecting albums present as independent area.

Before the introduction of the first stamps

Already early the prince sex Thurn and taxi was responsible for the completion of the postal service in Braunschweig. In 16. Century let its own Braunschweigi national post office furnish the duke Heinrich the younger one of Braunschweig. The princes Thurn and taxis were however still further in the postal service of Braunschweig active, until this by the Braunschweiger duke Karl William Ferdinand on 1 July 1790 was forbidden.

Beside the Thurn and Taxi post office in Braunschweig there also a time was long a Postabfertigung of Brandenburg in Braunschweig.

During occupation by France in the course of the napoleonischen wars 1808 the first postmarks one introduced. Up to then the map reference took place handwritten on the letters.

On 5 December 1851 Braunschweig joined the GermanAustrian post office association. Only three weeks later it came to the introduction of the first stamps under duke William I.

Own issues of stamps

The first stamps

On 1 January 1852 in Braunschweig the first three Freimarken were spent to 1, 2 and 3 silver groschen. With these values one could cover all important Posttarife at that time regarding distance and weight. These five Freimarken were printed depending upon need in stamp elbows, the sales at the Postschaltern however exclusively took place into horizontal 10er-Streifen. The first issue of stamps of Braunschweig exhibits numerous lack. Thus the stamps stand usually inclined more zueinender, those for mark sizes vary and the pressure are usually unclear and blurred. In the mark pictures one finds the Braunschweiger coat of arms, the Sachsenross apart from the declared value and the national name in the picture center. It consists of a jumping horse in a lying oval. The stamps were printed in the printing on yellowish paper with reddish rubberizing.

Further issues of stamps

With the following issues of stamps one remained faithful for the past motive. Starting from 1. March 1853 was provided the stamp paper for safety reasons with a water-mark. This consisted of a Posthorn surrounded by a line. In addition the stamps were only printed in black color on colored paper. For each value its own color was intended. Apart from the three past values several auxiliary values became 1/4 and 1/2 property groschen as well as 1/3 silver groschen. In July 1864 published finally first durchstochenen stamps at the switches of Braunschweig. Before one had already undertaken several attempts with Durchstichen.

New motives

The last stamp series of Braunschweig was spent on 1 October 1865. It was valid, like all stamp spending of Braunschweig, by 31 December 1867. The special at this series was that the past motive for picture was completely changed. The Braunschweiger coat of arms is with this expenditure in the set up oval. The stamp is likewise in the portrait format. In this form the stamp values were printed to 1/3, 1, 2 and 3 silver groschen. The embossment was now again colored, instead of black, the stamp paper however white.

The divisible stamp

A privileged position of the stamps of Braunschweig takes the divisible Freimarke to 4 * 1/4 property groschen. This square stamp became at the 1. March 1857 spent and consisted of 4 equal large and parts arranged equal to 1/4 property groschen each. This could into shape-cut (and should) one depending upon need. Thus one wanted to prevent beside the stamp already existing to 1/4 property groschen for the inland traffic further to 1/2 to have to spend 3/4 and 1 property groschen. The pressure was, as black with the other Freimarken on colored paper.

Such divisible stamps were already spent 1856 of Mecklenburg Schwerin (see Mecklenburg Schwerini Postgeschiche)

Entrance in the north Germans federation

With 1 January 1868 the entrance in the north Germans federation German one of Reich) took place. Starting from this time the post office history of Braunschweig divides the post office history north Germans of the federation. The twenty stamps of Braunschweig could be used only up to this day. A conversion of the braunschweiger stamps into post office-valid stamps north Germans of the federation was up to 31. March 1868 possible.

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