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The branch of rose (branch of rose Picture Frustation or PFT) is a projektiver psychometrischer test, which can seize the frustration tolerance, i.e. the maximum stress of a personality in social conflict situations. It was developed 1948 by Saul branch of rose and by Professor Dr. Hans hearing man and Dipl. - Psych. Wolfgang Moog to the German-speaking countries adapts.

As well as the test existed at present in two variants, an adult version, those at pro gangs starting from 14 Lebensjahren to be used can do in a child version, those of the plotter together with children starting from that 6. Lebensjahr to be made can.

Application branch of rose

A goal branch of rose is to be recognized it the behavior pro gangs in load situations of the everyday life life. It determines, how a person in frustrating situations reacts.

Spreads application basis, for the addition of individual case treatments, when psychiatric and also somatic illnesses, also with group therapies. Hypertonia-relevant psychological symptoms are likewise seized with it. Training, educating and vocational guidance, marriage consultation as well as military and traffic-psychological investigations as well as explorative preliminary investigations, which serve the composition of groups of rehearsing and. An application in the MPU occurs today more rarely.

Structure of the test

This test consists of 24 comicartig drawn situations, in which usually two figures are to be seen. The designs are consciously abstractly held and hardly show expression behavior. Both figures have a large speech blister, whereby the blister of a figure is filled out with one for the other figure frustrating working cliche. The blister of the other figure is empty and must of pro gangs with an answer or a be filled out.

The rehearsing and is instructed to regard the pictures and in each case register the answers, which occur to it as the first. It is to consider not much, but to make a kind Comic. In addition identify yourself to the rehearsing and with that figure, which must answer. The situations are enough from everyday occurences, which can to constantly happen and frustrate, up to unusual, standard-breaking situations.


  • The figure comes in the library with 5 books under the arm to the librarian, on which this says: "Everyone may do only three books check-out counters."
  • The figure stands with a Taxifahrer before the station, on which this says: "If I would only somewhat faster have driven, her her important course would not have missed."
  • The figure meets another figure, on which this says: "Because no time have, has her Mrs. me assured it to go this evening with me to dancing."

The pictures are in such a way arranged that they are understandable intuitively immediately. The faces, the rehearsing and are not missing to the figures get information given, how the frustrated figure in the test is to behave. This makes it for that possible pro gangs to shift and react in such a way into the situation inside, as it considers it correct.


The evaluation branch of rose is not simple and requires experience. The verbal answers of the pro gangs are gradated on the basis an instruction for analysis, in which to each illustration explanations are to be found, in categories (reaction forms), under it:

  • aggressive reactions
  • Self-incrimination
  • resignatives behavior
  • Alternate tendencies
  • Selfinitiative

The test has a well removed theoretical background and the results in a profile is represented. This test for the plotter is particularly delightful, because often from the answers of the pro gangs skurrile or humoristic Comics results, which can be measured in values of the frustratingness. A variant for the employment within the Wikipedia range does not exist however. Also personality types can be assigned.

Pro and cons

An advantage exists to be judged therein that the rehearsing and does not have to show introspektiven abilities, in order. Many other aggression and conflict questionnaires do not exhibit this advantage. A disadvantage exists in the complex, not automizable evaluation. The answers of the pro gangs are always verbal and open.

Control criteria

  • Restest (Split helping)
    • regularly between r =,50 and .90
  • Validity
    • are present to today approx. 600 publications, which discuss the value of the scales

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