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one calls fire works, which explode with a bang. They are also called "Knaller "or "Kracher ". Mainly used for Silvester, they particularly have a large attraction by the bang of their explosion for young people and children. Bad way they are abused frequently to damages. Originally the term designated "cannons, which were loaded only with powder and fired for


usually consist of a firm covering of glued paper or (more rarely) plastic, which contains a relatively weak explosive. This is nowadays usually black powder. Other mixtures, for example Flashpulver from aluminum deaf and Kaliumperchlorat, are available in Germany only for large ammunition technicians. For the ignition an igniter cord or a friction head serves as with a match. Against the opinion a does not detonate in the same way as a bomb, but its covering bursts with the fast increasing pressure of the burning down powder. The bang is caused by the incineration gases leaking out with supersonic speed. Beside the black powder contain also usual loam, in order to fill up and dam cavities. Therefore comes also the red-brown color, which they leave after the detonation usually.


Safety reference: The delivery of is permitted (with exception of the bang pulling cord) only at persons starting from 18 years! More for details see validity.

The very much spread is mostly red and with an igniter cord is ignited. There are it in different sizes, which are named letters by A (small) to E (large). The largest permissible in Germany (quantity E) is "the B "or II ". The larger (Superbller I and II) is called also "cannon impacts ". of cannon impacts are also called "cubic cannon impacts "or "straw hives ". In Switzerland the is well-known also as "or "lady Crackers ". In Germany one calls often also mats of approx. 40 small ignition bodies, which are connected with a high-speed igniter cord, Ladycracker. There are these mats even in larger form with approx. 20 ignition bodies.

Most the bang body specified here still are under numerous other names in the trade, since each fireworks company invents new fantasy names for sales promotion.


Harzer are small, long cylindric They have a friction head from the same material as the head of matches instead of an igniter cord. One ignites it by rubbing against a matchbox.

Bang frogs

Bang frogs are green and look like folded paper. They consist of only one charge, which by repeated breaking and folding is divided during production into several charges. An igniter cord, which goes through the explosive body from the beginning to the end, ignites it successively.

Pyro Cracker

Pyro Cracker resemble the are however shorter and more compact. They are used therefore frequently in larger quantities, are however in their effect not to be underestimated.

Cubic cannon impacts

Cubic cannon impacts are compact bang bodies in which explode upward after the ignition. They are to be recognized easily by the fact that the entire explosive with strong string tapes is. The common designation Cuban cannon impact is wrong; it is based on an erroneous interpretation of the abbreviation "kub. ".

Bang pulling cord

Bang pulling cords (also "bang Kids "mentioned) consist approx. 40 cm of one are enough for cord, in whose center approx. 4 cm of long bang bodies is, whose diameter amounts to only few millimeters. An explosion is released by fast pulling apart of the two cord ends, which is however substantially weaker and quieter than with the remaining Therefore bang pulling cords are classified in class I and may be used by persons starting from 12 years (manufacturer recommendation) the whole year over.


Striker are thin oblong Knaller, which are ignited with an igniter cord. Since they are rather small, they are underestimated frequently in their effect. They e.g. slam hard and louder than a D. with the bang are the Striker for a half second a sharp flash to produce.


Piraten are which are filled contrary to the certified in Germany instead of with black powders with a lightning bang set from Flashpulver. Thus a substantially louder bang can be produced. However this is also substantially more dangerous (the explosion of a Piraten in the closed hand can lead to the loss of several fingers). Therefore this is forbidden in Germany. In Austria, France, Belgium and most Eastern European countries they are however permitted. The designation "Pirat "is by the way a wrong translation from the Czech one, where the word Petard stands for In Austria they are well-known also under the name "Schweizerkracher ".

Piraten gives it in at least four forms:

  • Pirat: The prototype of the Piraten with only one bang.
  • 3-Schlag-Pirat: This improved variant produces three explosions, which can lead however to the fact that the jumps back to the throwing and makes this product thereby very dangerous.
  • Turbo- Pirat (red green Pirat): This variant zaubert before the simple explosion a small beacon work into the sky.
  • Megatresk, Widowmaker: These Pirat versions come made of Eastern Europe, detonate only once, produce however due to their sentence quantities superelevated far even a pressure wave. Due to bad is to be counted with this Krachern at any time on a of the friction head, what to detonating the in the hand leads and can heavy injuries cause. This Kracher is permitted only in Eastern Europe.


  • For each individual a certificate of bombardment must be present.
  • and/or fire works of the class I may be used only by persons, who (recommend-proves) are older than 12 years. They may not be louder than 120 railways (A), measured in 1 m distance.
  • and/or fire works of the class II may be used only by persons, who are older than 18 years. They may be used without different phrased one special permission (after "ยง 27 SprengG) only in New Year's Eve. They may not be louder than 120 railways (A), measured in 8 m distance.

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