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Canton Bouxwiller
Base data
Bas Rhin
Inhabitant: (Rank in the Arrondissement) - altogether (1999):Rank 2 18 368 Einw.

The canton Bouxwiller is a subdivision of the Arrondissements Saverne in the Bas Rhin in the region Elsass in France.


The canton became to 4. March 1790 in the course of the mechanism of the as part of the "district at that time Strasbourg" based. Some time later belonged it to the again created "district Sarre union".

With the establishment of the Arrondissements at the 17.Februar 1800 the canton was again cut as part of the Arrondissements at that time Saverne.

From 1871 to 1919 there was no further subdivision of the "circle at that time Zabern" (frz.: Saverne).

Since 28 June 1919 the canton is again part of the Arrondissements Saverne.

See also history Bas Rhin and history Arrondissement Saverne.


The canton borders in the north on the canton Niederbronn les Bains in the Arrondissement Haguenau, in the east on the cantons Haguenau, likewise in the Arrondissement Haguenau and Hochfelden in the Arrondissement Strasbourg Campagne, in the south on the canton Saverne and in the west and northwest on the canton La Petite Pierre.


The largest municipalities of the canton are (inhabitants (1999)):

  • Ingwiller (3.847)
  • Bouxwiller (3.700)

see also: Municipalities in the canton Bouxwiller

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