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Boulder Dash is later also portiert a series of computer games and/or video games for Atari 800, C64 and Amiga, on PC as well as different conversions for Arcade automat.

It was programmed by Peter Liepa and published 1984 by roofridge star software.

The expiration of play

The play figure "skirt Ford" must collect a certain number of jewels in different "caves" and find the exit in each case.

It must itself with numerous obstacles and/or opponent arguing, Felsbrocken e.g. falling down, an increasing "amoeba", as well as flying around opponents.

Partially the jewels must be only still produced, e.g. by one-rock-break into on certain opponents or by a "magic wall" fall lets.

An attraction of the play consists of the fact that most elements (an exception is the "amoeba") behave not coincidentally, but exactly calculably. Like that caves are possible, which require a complex solution strategy. Thus a form of the opponents turns always to the right, if place is there, and the other form always to the left. Some caves can be only solved, in which one steers these opponents on circular paths and puts her thereby out of action.

The publications

Official publications

  • 1984 Boulder Dash 1
  • 1985 Boulder Dash 2
  • 1985 Boulder Dash 3
  • 1985 Boulder Dash Construction kit

Fan plays, clone, editors and other developments

  • 1991 Paganitzu (Apogee)
  • 1995 The new Dash dimension for the PC
  • 1995 for the Amiga

"… alone for the C64 an almost endlessly long list, see Related links

Boulder Dash in the C64-Szene

The largest and oldest fan municipality has Boulder Dash probably on the C64.


Boulder Dash 1: It uses the BD1-Engine with the elements: Gaps, earth, Ziegelmauern, magic walls, titanium walls, Felsbrocken, jewels, amoeba, butterflies and naturally the exit. The play was unpacked straight times 16 kByte largely, but but it had play passport purely.

Boulder Dash 2: It uses the BD2-Engine: Well-known errors were eliminated. The new elements Schleim and wax wall were added. Contrary to the BD1-Engine here the amoeba does not stop, if one lets a Felsbrocken fall into the magic wall, which hangs also with the fact together that this strange magic wall Timing is void.

Boulder Dash 3: This play was arranged by another programmer team. Unfortunately not very carefully, why it is noticeable also directly with some Macken. On the one hand it uses again the backward BD1-Engine. The new diagram is felt of the majority rather badly as quite. Most badly is however the fact that some constructional defects are contained in the caves, which impossible playing to the end the level 4 and 5 makes. Many animation bits are wrongly set, why those of monolith (here the amoeba is called in such a way) are not animated in most caves.

Boulder Dash Construction kit (aka. Boulder Dash 4): Here it concerns the PLCK engine. Again in addition hidden exits and Voodoo Rockfords came. For the first time magic winding and amoeba time are separately adjustable. Level there were not the 5 any longer, since the cave format changed. But caves with arbitrary contents are now possible and of it equivalent 48 pieces. The possibility of building its own plays is unfortunately clouded by numerous lack. A completely heavy error ensured for the fact that the play often fell with the structure of cave. And also the editor was not the most comfortable. 15 caves are also contained on the data medium as Boulder Dash 4. As lack the fact is also often regarded that one cannot play the plays built thereby without the Game module. So one must be in the possession of the Construction kits, in order to play fan plays.

The first self-'s building plays

Before the Construction kit saw the light of the world, there were already the first catch-made versions. Dr. Watson had built its own Boulder Dash 4, and Don Pedro resumed the row with the parts of 5-11. NO One and The Blockheads started meanwhile own rows. All these versions use the BD1-Engine. The two Finalboulder plays, whereby it concerns remixte versions of these completely old plays, are probably unequalled until today in the Bekanntheitsgrad. There was not an editor for this engine, so that everything had to be built directly in the memory with a primitive monitor.

The soft killer editor

1987: The Construction Set+ of The soft killer is a level packman, with whom one can build independent plays. Unfortunately the old crash cause in the Game module was not repaired. In this editor one could edit the diagrams also for the first time and character-corrodes imports. The for this easily modified Game module is called soft engine briefly.

New rules: the effects

1987: Lord Diego developed the effects and described in addition also the Construction kit to the effect kit. It patchte then the soft engine on the used effects. So explosions can e.g. produce Felsbrocken, or falling jewels dissolve simply in air. In addition it is now possible several of skirt Fords, whom one must steer then at the same time, exits, to set as well as at the same time for amoeba and Schleim. Also the boundary region could be changed now.

The first level packmen

starting from 1987: Fast various Boulder Dash club was based such as Boulder Dash club joy mountain or POSOCOPI Waldkirch , where one made oneself also thought about these "problems". NO One, lord Diego and The Blockheads were now quite well-known in the scene. These people have together thus try the play to improve. Already fast there was then the NO One packman, whom one did not want to distribute however for quality assurance reasons under the fans. The for this likewise modified Game module is briefly well-known as No1-Engine. A Introtext could be set thereby now before the play. Also to the NO One packman gives it to character set and diagram editors, so that also many different play diagrams developed. Since the BD2-Erde-Mod for the into the engine were likewise integrated, changed earth diagrams thereby are now no longer possible. In order to judge the cave Design first, there was also a BD2-Erde-Mod gepatchten Construction kits. The animation of structure of cave was removed, since one made it alleged as a crash cause. Does not see with the structure of cave now any longer in such a way send out, but but the plays do not fall now. The plays with the first versions were built, had then also the well-known Highscore Top 10, which could be stored on disk. On inquiries of fans it was called, the packman often simple has only 3 people in the whole world. The Blockheads and lord Diego again packed many fan plays. In addition the caves were serrated simply from the soft killer packman play. Understandably many fans were not inspired straight by this proceeding, since they gladly wanted to pack the plays, but could not, because the NO One packman was not continued to give.

The level packman competition

1988: Also Professor Knibble wanted to finally have a reasonable level packman. There NO One and CO. other opinion were, wrote he thus, the Knibble packmen. It used the NO One Highscoreroutine in its first. This version is briefly well-known as Knib engine.

NO One develops further in the meantime also the own level packman and published it finally for all fans. Now so far 20 can be packed up to 48 caves instead of that. The Intro now in addition animated is and appears together with the title music. The last common version is v5.3 (gives a few plays with other numbers, whereby it probably concerns either over tip by or beta versions, which did not create it no more for spreading,)

From lord Diego gives it to the last effect kits, in which one can select now also the amoeba size. The effect attitudes are stored now in the cave with. In addition there was gepatchten NO a One packman v5.3 that the new format knows, so that it is possible now to stop the effects individually for each cave.

1989: Professor Knibble developed meanwhile the version 3 of the Knib engines, which contain a new Highscoreroutine with Top 20. If one reaches a place, one may enter its names. Otherwise also more senselessly one does not store. Since the NO One packman was meanwhile to the world-wide fans at the disposal, Professor Knibble saw a sense in organizing a level packman contest and thus decided to program no more level packman for the last Knib engine. Professor Knibble regretted the decision of NO One to make the packmen accessible for everyone although it wanted to pack plays themselves as a fan its. Also it had more highly evaluated the aspect of quality assurance. Property has it however always, because none needs more the crash-joyful soft killer packman now.

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