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Boktai (jap. Bokura NO taiyo) is the title of a two-piece play row for the Game Boy Advance, which was developed by Hideo Kojima and driven out by Konami. The characteristic of these plays lies in their innovative play concept, since the material environment of the player can exert influence on the play happening. This is done via a sensor built into the play module, which measures the irradiation of sunlight.

The player takes over control of the Djano, which fights by means of sunlight against the bad. The sunlight serves it as ammunition, why the player is forced, in the direct sunlight to constantly be around sufficient ammunition for the fight to receive.

Boktai: The Sun is in Your hand

Boktai: The Sun is in Your hand appeared in July 2003. It is an act ion game of roles, which is supplemented by smaller mysteries. The player must begin against opponents such as rats, Ghoule and bats. It is supported by the figure Otenko, which stands for the hero with Tipps and references to the side.

In Germany it received a age release of the USK starting from 6 years.

Boktai 2: Solarly Boy Django

The continuation Boktai 2: Boy Django appeared solar in October 2004. Again the player takes over the role of the Django, which must fight against the bad.

The play combines classical game of roles adventures with Survival and creeping elements. Contrary to part of 1 "more traditional" weapons are to the player such as swords and whips at the disposal. Besides it needs however still the sunlight, in order to improve the weapon strength and defeat final opponents.

Boktai 3

The last part of the Triologie will appear probably no more in Europe and remains therefore Japan exclusive.

Lunar Knights

Hideo Kojimas newest work from the Boktai universe is called lunar Knights. The row as three-divisors and the notorious sun sensor continues now the journey at Nintendo the DS in space and should even with that GBA Boktai modules be compatible.

To task of the player it is to be fought again against Vampire and these final to be made. Lucian is called the Protagonist, which one will steer in the play. At night rises Lucians Kraft, which makes some powerful Specialmoves for him possible. One fights - as one should expect it on the DS - via stylus.

If the sun shines, Lucian can fall back to its powerful solar pistol. Also partner Aaron fights dearest in sunshine. The Gameplay is finally loosened up by Weltraumshooter passages. Lunar Knights is to appear in the winter 2006.

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