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Bogislav of Selchow (* 4. July 1877 in in Pommern, "† 6. February 1943 in Berlin) be a German writer, officer and leader.


Entrance into the imperial navy. Training as the officer, numerous sea-travels. Participation in the First World War.

Education of the free corps "student corps Marburg" (Stukoma). It was equipped by the Kasseler brigade of the realm resistance and was integrated also this. The commander had the instruction over the Stukoma a.D and then student of history Bogislav of Selchow. The battalion consisted of several companies. Everyone of these companies was formed by students of certain federations. For instance a third of the battalion consisted of students, who no Korporation belonged

In the IIITH realm honouring gate of the Philipps university Marburg and name giver LV student comrade shank.


And if they yield all,
if deserted the field,
if of the German oaks
the last trunk smashes,
if todeswund in pieces of broken glass
the last sword shattered,
I do not believe in dying
and not at fall.
Whether the opponents weigh
In drunkenness `ner victory greed,
they may triumph today '',
but we triumph tomorrow!

Works (in selection)

  • Our mental ancestors. A conception of the world, 1928
  • The faith in the German I time. A time picture, 1933
  • The civil and heldische humans, 1934
  • The infinite circle. Life novel of the Nikolaus of Cues. A time turning picture, 1935
  • Women of large soldiers, 1939
  • Hundred days from my life. Memories, 1941


  • Michael Epkenhans: "We as a German people are not small nevertheless to wars"…". From the diaries of the commander Bogislav of Selchow. 1918/19. In: Military-historical reports, Munich, 55 (1996), P. 165-224.
  • Michael Lemling: national seal between the world wars. A study to the relationship of literary Traditionalismus and political radicalism on the basis Bogislav of Selchows lyric poetry and Prosa. Marburg: Univ. Likes. - Work., 1991.

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