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Blue letter is the colloquial name for a notification, with which the school parents of a pupil (or the pupil, if this is of age) communicates that the transfer is endangered. Also written notices of withdrawal are often called blue letter.

The designation originates from the 18.Jahrhundert, in which authorities used envelopes of cheap paper in Prussia. This paper was won mainly from rags, often of uniforms, which were in this time Prussian blue.

Blue letters are regulated in Germany, like the entire school right, by the Lands of the Federal Republic. In Hessen a notification has at the latest eight weeks independently of a note in the half yearly certification before the expenditure date of the yearly certification to take place (arrange. Schulverh. "ยง 16 (2)).

Blue letter in Austria

In Austria one understands by a blue letter also one of an authority dispatched RSa Brief.Darunter understands one an official document, which are to be set to the receiver with proof of service personally. Such documents are dispatched to the easier recognizability in blue envelopes.

Early warning

Early warning or the early warning system is a concept introduced at Austrian schools to inform parents and the pupil briefly after the beginning second terms about the fact that the probability of a "not sufficient one" (the worst note in the Austrian educational system) is high in the yearly certification. That does not mean however necessarily that but the pupil stands on "not sufficient ones" only that a "not sufficient one" is possible due to bad notes in the second term. Thus everyone, which in the term certification a "sufficient one" has, is a potenzieller candidate for the early warning system, because it only a bad with or homework note requires, in order on a not sufficient one to come.

Early warning is handed out to the pupil thereby in form one from parents to form which can be signed. The pupil has already 18. Lebensjahr completes, then he is entitled to sign early warning.

In addition a blue letter is to refer parents to a increased number on false hours.

"Nachwarnung " one can get also a Nachwarnung, if the achievements became deviating from the blue letter worse.

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