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Betrayal in Antara is published a computer game of roles from the year 1997 and the successor by Betrayal RK Krondor from view by Dynamix, by Sierra Entertainment. Raymond E. protects had with the Storyline of this play to do contrary to Betrayal RKs Krondor and Return ton of Krondor, nothing.


Arene saves the life to the young noble William and discovers thereby its talent for magic. William promises to pay its debt in relation to arene, by helping him to be talent strengthen and train. Already after short time the two Kaylin save the life, whereupon the three close together and break open in Williams hometown.

This is the promising beginning of BiA, a game of roles, with which one steers a group of up to four characters. Unfortunately the possibility does not exist to provide itself as with many other games of roles its own characters. But the characters, which are given, cover a large spectrum, which presents itself as follows:

  • William is the Krieger among the heroes,
  • Arene of the Magier and
  • Kaylin is the

So everyone should actually find its favourite character. Over the fourth character nothing is betrayed, since little tension is to remain when playing.

One receives rewards for mastered fights and problems on its journey by the country. But the actual goal is to be uncovered it a conspiracy. Gradually the desired and above all necessary equipment move into payable proximity and improve thereby its talents in the fight.

Minimum requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows 95 or Windows95-kompatibel
  • Processor: Pentium 75
  • Abeitsspeicher: 16 MT
  • CD-ROM: quadruple
  • Diagram map: SVGA with 256 colors
  • Degree of difficulty: A riser
  • Been suitable for players off: 12 years


The play is seen by the graphic as well as technical point of view rather less pleasing, particularly if one regards the status of the technology, which by far better could out be towards in 1997. The play possesses only 256 colors and very simple textures. The landscape consists of very sharp demarcations (e.g.: Meadow surface in 90"° by walls, which are covered with forest textures), the labyrinths are distinguished from a cubic character. Likewise only very little is animated. The play principle is alike as in Betrayal RK Krondor. Despite everything it is for a risers in the computer-based game of roles a possibility of becoming acquainted with.


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