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Berthold Kempinski (* 10 October 1843 in Raschkow, today (floats); "† 14. March 1910 in Berlin) was a German wine merchant and entrepreneur. He is the name giver for today the "Kempinski hotel" represented world-wide.


Berthold Kempinski occurred those the wine action created by its brother Moritz 1862 Breslau, under the name M. Kempinski & Co. firmierte.

it pulled 1872 with his Mrs. Helene to Berlin. He let a wine action register with permission of his brother under the same name in the trade register. The restaurant with attached wine tube, which became the "principal firm", was in the Friedrichstrasse 178/Ecke pigeon road. Fast success adjusted itself and the name "Kempinski" was well-known the far beyond borders of the city. One could expand and transfer also the enterprise later to Breslau.

In the Leipziger road 25 in July 1889 in a viergeschossigen house a restaurant with several halls was opened, which was the largest at that time in Berlin. All layers were involved here in and out, because Kempinski pursued the idea of the "socialization of the luxury". There were half portions at the half price. On some days one counted up to 10.000 guests.

Because the married couple did not have male descendants, their son-in-law Richard Unger occurred the company and took over soon the business, which ran further under the name Kempinski.

1910 died Berthold Kempinski - for a long time before its enterprise among the national socialists was expropriated "arisiert" and. Its grave is on the Jewish cemetery white lake.

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