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Berne pool of broadcasting corporations A. Lietaer informs to the Sonoma State University ark-typical psychology and to "institutes for Sustainable Resources and Agriculture" of the University of Berkeley lasting managing.

It held different positions in the money and financings, which exclude themselves usually rather over 25 years: He was a central banker and professional currency speculator, advisor of multinational companies as from governments in developing countries. He was a university professor for international financing and president of an electronic Zahlungssystems.

In prominent place in the Belgian central bank he had responsibility ECU, the convergence mechanism, which led to the European for the introduction. In its function as managing directors and currency dealers one of the most successful offshore monetary funds (1989 to 1992) it "Business Week" to the Top world

Lietaer suggested further the Terra as future world currency.


  • The money of the future. Over the destructive effect of the existing money system and the development of complementary currencies, ISBN 3570500357
  • Mysterium money. Emotional meaning and impact of a taboo, ISBN 3570500098
  • (with) Margrit Kennedy: Regional currencies. New ways to lasting prosperity, ISBN 3570500527
  • The world of the money. The clearing-up book, ISBN 340105287X

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