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Bernd Eilert (* 20 June 1949 in Oldenburg) be a German writer.


Bernd Eilert studied theatre science at the University of Marburg. it pulled 1970 to Frankfurt/Main, where it belonged to the surrounding field of the "new Frankfurt ones school". He wrote contributions for broadcast, television and the sow-Irish magazine "Pardon" and tried as a film producer. 1979 he was joint founder of the magazine "Titanic", in which he cared for the column of the "list of the most embarrassing personalities" to 1989. In the eighties it wrote with Robert Gernhardt and Peter Knorr texts and film scripts for the Komiker Otto Waalkes, beside it a detective story and to volume with narrations. it received the price of the Literatour north to 1993.


  • The Kronenklauer, Reinbek 1972 (together with Friedrich Karl guard)
  • Ecila from the miracle country, Aarau [among other things] 1980
  • Bed stories, Aarau [among other things] 1981 (together with Rita and Hanno Rink)
  • Self-defence on Italian, Munich 1981
  • The aboriginale Horoskop, Zurich 1983
  • Windy passages, Zurich 1991
  • Eckermann and his Goethe, 1994 (together with hitting a corner hard Henscheid)
  • Kurt or the celebration of the love, Zurich 1996
  • Erna, which nadelt tree, Zurich 1998 (together with Robert Gernhardt and Peter Knorr)
  • It rose a Has' and other beautiful stories to the celebration, Zurich 1999 (together with Robert Gernhardt and Peter Knorr)
  • Petrol of the Katastrofenfilm, Zurich 2000 (together with Otto Waalkes and Michel miner)


  • The Casanova project, 1980/1981, direction
  • Petrol the film, 1985, film script
  • Petrol the new film, 1987, film script
  • Petrol Ausserfriesi, 1989, film script, actor
  • Petrol the dear film, 1992, direction, film script
  • Petrol of the Katastrofenfilm, 1999/2000, film script
  • 7 dwarves - men alone in the forest, 2003/2004, film script, producer

Publisher shank

  • Otto Waalkes: The book Otto, Hamburg 1980
  • Otto Waalkes: The second book Otto, Hamburg 1984
  • The house book of the literary Hochkomik, Zurich 1987
  • The 701 most embarrassing personalities, Zurich 1990
  • Otto Waalkes: The tennis book Otto, Hamburg 1992
  • Otto Waalkes: Petrol the book of the Friesen, Munich 2002


  • OSCAR savage: Comedies, Zurich 1999
  • David Lodge: Wound points, Zurich 1999
  • David Lodge: Bitter truths, Zurich 2000

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