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Originally one understood Bengali fire (also Bengali flame, Bengali light or Bengalo mentioned) by the term only the light for the shining lighting of an article. For the production of the light sulfur, Salpeter and Realgar were used. Nowadays one understands by it the use of a white or colored flame additive for the lighting of a a statue, a building, a garden etc.

At present Bengali fires are often used in the form of torches/flares in football stadiums or also as (sea) distress signal. The use of bengalischen fires is not harmless, since the flame produces a temperature between 1.600"°C and 2.500"°C. Burns can be caused even if a direct contact with the fire does not come at all to conditions. A deletion of these pyrotechnic fires is not possible during the burn-off duration! The remainders of the burned out container are still over long time so hot that they can lead also during short contact to substantial burns.

The flame coloration depends on the used metal, which is course-mixed the flame. Of Bengalos also an intensive smoke development (whereby it is also possible, is characteristic flames with very little smoke development to produce) beside the sharp light.

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