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Belt tongues
:Asparagus-well-behaved (Asparagales)
:Orchideen (Orchidaceae)
:Belt tongues
Scientific name
Blow up. 1826

Those of the belt tongues (Himantoglossum) that the Orchideen (Orchidaceae) contains only few kinds. They are beheimatat, furthest northward before-dared themselves the support belt tongue in the warmer areas of Europe.


Strengthens plants with two oblong-oval tubers. Drove out the Blattrosette effected already in the autumn and is to a large extent final up to the winter. Already during the bloom time the begins to wither or already withered.

Hybrid one

The kinds are partly geographically from each other separated, so that the probability of hybrids is small within the kind.

Only recently a hybrid between Himantoglossum was described montis tauri and the related Bartorchis (Comperia comperiana).

Related to the belt tongues also still the two kinds of the Mastorchis except the Bartorchis (Barlia) are.


  • Support belt tongue (Himantoglossum hircinum)
  • Adriati belt tongue (Himantoglossum adriaticum)
  • Goat belt tongue (Himantoglossum caprinum)
  • Eastern belt tongue (Himantoglossum affine)
  • (Himantoglossum montis tauri)
  • (Himantoglossum formosum)

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