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Similarly as the German Reich and Italy Belgium began to very late develop only a colonial empire, which also hung thereby together that there is the actual Belgian state only since 1830, before was this area a part of the Netherlands.

Belgium had exclusive in Africa colonies:

  • Congo Free State/the Belgian Congo (in former times Zaire, today: Democratic Republic of the Congo) as personal property of the Belgian king, later converted into a Belgian colony (after it state property)
  • Rwanda Urundi (today: Rwanda and Burundi) (people federation mandate/unfaithful hand area)
  • small, western part of former German East Africa (people federation mandate/unfaithful hand area)

Besides it in Tientsin/China from 1902 to 1931 possessed an area with concessions. Probably in the tenor of the contracts at that time with a halfcolonial character.

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