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Belair (official Belair airlines AG) is a Swiss holidays airline, which the Migros company respectively its travel agency subsidiary company hotel plan belongs and primarily for these package tour Destinationen approaches.

They were called in the autumn 2001 after the Swissair failure on basis of the Balair at that time in the life and led the first commercial flight found on 3 November 2001 through. Homeland airport of the Belair is Zurich Kloten. Belair serves 757 Feriendestinationen in the Mediterranean area with two Boeing and with Boeing 767 long-distance Destinationen in Asia, for example Bali or the Maldives.



1925 created Balz Carpenter in Basel the Basler of air traffic AG, briefly Balair, whereby the name on the French names of the city Basel, one fell back. The first lines led from Basel to Freiburg (mash gau) and Mannheim. The Balair grew rapidly, 1929 (at that time still) the airfield Basel star field as the largest airfield of Switzerland of nine lines (among other things after La Chaux de funds, Zurich, Geneva Lyon or Karlsruhe and Frankfurt/Main) was directly approached. Because of the world economic crisis the Basler Balair and the inhabitants of zurich Ad Astra aero had [Latin: To the stars fly] on pressure of Swiss federal office for air on 1 January 1931 to the Swissair with seat to Zurich fuse.

During the existence the Balair flew 320 tons of freight and well 143 tons of post office over 18 ' 000 passengers. One flew only in the summer half-year. It was financed v.a. with federal subsidies and by post office transport for the Swiss PTT enterprises.

Charter Balair

After in the year 1979 to the Balairflotte the DC-10 (characteristic HB-IHK) was added, the fleet at that time covered altogether 1 DC-6, 1 DC-9 and 2 DC-8.

Destinationen during the winter flight period were among other things:

  • Mombasa
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Colombo (Sri Lanka)
  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • Los Angeles with Nightstop in Bangor in the US state Maine - because kerosene and air haven taxes were most favorable there.

Very often the airplanes of the Balair were on behalf the IKRK in crisis areas on the way. Fokker 27 was operated on behalf the United Nations. With the DC-6 HB-IBS the Balair had the last four-engined prop. liner of Switzerland. The machine was sold to Canada and flies there as water bomber.

Balair CTA

Later under the name Balair of the Swissair were accomplished, fused 1993 the two charter daughters Balair and CTA (Geneva) to balairCTA. Politically conditionally the right domicile of the company remained in Geneva, the bookkeeping remained in Basel, while the operational basis was shifted to Zurich. Despite restructuring and mass redundancies, the Swissair charter business could be led not into the profit area. 1995 were adjusted the enterprise. The short distances ignored the long-distance to the CROSS air, to the Swissair. 1997 were paged out the charter business again and by 1 November 1997 flew the Balair/CTA as subsidiary of the Swissair.

New Balair

The combination charter and regular transport service did not work however nevertheless, us in such a way 1997 again a charter daughter of the Swissair was then based, which under the old label name Balair arose. Exclusively for the tour operators hotel plan and their subsidiaries ESCO journeys and M-travel were operated on central and short distances two Boeing 757-200, their Leasingnehmerin hotel plan were; besides the Balair had two Boeing 767-300 for long-distance. Also the new Balair came into the vortex of the Swissair crisis after their Grounding. On 5 October 2001 the last Balair flight landed in Zurich. While Boeing 767 decreased/went back to the leasing givers, hotel plan transferred its own Boeing 757 into the Belair airlines created as rescue company.

from Balair to Belair

In the autumn 2001 hotel plan was clear for the responsible persons of the travel company that with the end of the Swissair respectively the airline enterprises of the SAir Group, also the end of the charter company Balair was rung in. After consultation with the nut/mother company hotel plan created the new charter flight company Belair airlines, which was registered on 16 October in the trade register. This slight change of name made it possible, those for both (hotel plan) own Boeing 757 at very small expenditure provisionally umzumalen. Of the Balair could 120 employees be taken over.


The airplanes remained 1 day at the soil, before they - after transferring all documents necessary for operation to the new society and the distribution of the flight grant by the BAZL - took off on 3 November 2001 for the first commercial flight of the Belair.

Since that time the flights of the two machines lead mainly to bathing resorts at the Mediterranean and in the northern Africa. Beside both Boeing the 757-200 (THEIR and HB-IHS), meanwhile again a Boeing 767-300 (HB-ISE) was leased, which is used on long-distance.

Beside the regular holidays flights, the Belair B767 and the Edelweiss A330 served already several times together the feedback of holidays travelers from crisis areas, after Naturkatastropen or notices.

In co-operation with the REGA, which Swiss ones it is awake the B757 HB THEIR was umkonzipiert in such a way the Belair that she could be used in case of of disasters as rescue airplane. Thus Belair forms a partnership with REGA within the range

Quick one

  • Boeing 757-200ER (Boeing 757-2G5) with maximally 209 seats, (51 C-Class, 158 Economy Class), characteristic HB THEIR, name of "horizons", year of construction 2000
  • Boeing 757-200ER (Boeing 757-2G5) with maximally 209 seats, (51 C-Class, 158 Economy Class), characteristic HB-IHS, name "Solemar", year of construction 2000
  • Boeing 767-300ER (Boeing 767-3Q8) with maximally 252 seats, (42 Relax Class, 210 Economy Class), characteristic HB-ISE, name "Rondo Mondo", year of construction 1997

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