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The Bavarian educating and instruction law (shortened BayEUG) regulates, after in the range of the school right legislative jurisdiction lies with the countries, on the basis of the kind 128 - 137 of the condition of the Free State of Bavaria the school right for the public and private schools in Bavaria.

The BayEUG contains among other things regulations over:

  • general principles over the tasks of the schools (kind 1, 2)
  • the arrangement of the public public education (kind 6) and the individual school types (kind 9-25)
  • the establishment of schools (kind 26-34)
  • the compulsory schooling (kind 35-37) and the occupation compulsory schooling (kind 39)
  • contents of instruction (kind 45-48), in particular curricula (kind 45)
  • the principles of the debt enterprise (kind 49-55), in particular fan (kind 50), learning aid (kind 51), evaluation of the achievements, notes, certifications (kind 52), advance and repeating (kind 53), final examination (kind 54)
  • the rights and obligations of the pupils (kind 56)
  • School line (kind 57), the conference of teacher (kind 68), instructors (kind 50)
  • the pupil joint responsibility (kind 62)
  • the parents agency (kind 64-68)
  • the co-operation of the school with the educate-entitled (kind 74-76)
  • Order measures as educating measures (kind 86-88a)
  • the decree of school regulations by statutory order (kind 89)
  • private schools (kind 90-105)
  • the national school supervision (kind 111-117)
  • Measures for the penetration of the compulsory schooling (kind 118) and irregularities (kind 119).

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