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Battlezone II is one 1999 PC play published by the US-American Entwicklerstudio Pandemic of Studios.


Battlezone II represents up to the today's day an innovative category-mixes from roofridge person Shooter and structure strategy play. The predecessor Battlezone appeared at the beginning of of 1998 with Activision.

Description of play

The player fights an unknown extraterrestial race in the process of the play on different planets. It acts briefly to foot, mostly however appears it on board one of the many selectable tanktank tanks, mechanical robots or service vehicles. He can take over both own units of befehligen and hostile ships. The missions consist among other things of building of bases and - defense as well as attack and/or Rettungsaktionen.Die varied planet surfaces as well as a multiplicity at different ships, weapon configurations and mission goals contribute an important part to the play passport. Despite outstanding criticisms in the technical literature, those the high diagram quality, which alternation wealth of the play as well as the multiplicity at innovations praised, remained for the play, just as the predecessor Battlezone, which refuses forecast success.

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