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Battletech (MechWarrior) is a Science Fiction Brettspiel, was Game and game of roles (developed of FASA, at WizKids, licensee for Classic Battletech sells: Fan pro LLC, development and selling of MechWarrior: Dark Age: WizKids). BattleTech simulates the war guidance in the future. A future, in which BattleMechs, between 20 and 100 tons heavy run machines, to which primary munitions belong and in the center. Several computer games are based on the play, in addition an indication trick series and several first expenditure of the play are called "BattleDroids", which was renamed however fast to BattleTech. Probably from fear of complaints of the LucasFilms Ltd., which itself the trademark laws had on the designation "Droid" generally secured.

However it came in the 90's to a law case between FASA and Playmates as well as Harmony gold concerning copyrights at different pictures from the Robotech/Macross series. FASA rejected all pictures licensed borrowed from this series or, and used from now on only pictures of the own Designs. This led Mechs to the emergence of the so-called "Unseen" -. Thereby so-called project acted of the Phoenix than "Reseen" around the then more well-known mechanical Designs such as Marodeur, war hammer, fire falcon, wasp etc. of late became it in the context - mechanical Designs with new values, diagrams and miniatures again to the life arouses. Recently again ten official Designs and two Fantech variants from fear of a renewed law case with Harmony gold from the program were taken. These were reinserted however meanwhile with new diagrams.


  • Classic BattleTech (the original play)
  • MechWarrior: Dark Age (collecting miniature play of WizKids)
  • MechWarrior (game of roles)
  • BattleTech (PC plays) (of strategy plays of Infocom part of I: "The Crescent Hawk' s Inception", part of II: "The Crescent Hawk' s Revenge")
  • MechWarrior I-IV (PC plays)
  • Simulationen of Activision:
  • Mechwarrior,
    Mechwarrior 2,
    Mechwarrior 2 (3Dfx-Version, e.g. lay the Monster-3D-3Dfx-Karte with),
    Mechwarrior 2 (ADD on): Ghost Bear' s Legacy,
    Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries (can be installed also as ADD on)
  • Simulationen of Microprose:
  • Mechwarrior 3,
    Mechwarrior 3 (ADD on): Pirate' s Moon
  • Simulationen of Microsoft (originally of FASA develops):
  • Mechwarrior 4 Vengeance,
    Mechwarrior 4 Black Knight (extension for Mechwarrior 4 Vengeance),
    Mechwarrior 4 Mercenaries,
    Mechwarrior 4 internal Sphere mechanical luggage (extension for Vengeance, Black Knight and Mercenaries)
    Mechwarrior 4 clan mechanical luggage (extension for Vengeance, Black Knight and Mercenaries)
    Mektek MekPaks (unofficial free extensions for Mercenaries 4 of Mektek)
    NBT HardCore (unofficial free extensions for Mercenaries 4 of NBT)
    MechStorm High definition Patch 1 - HDP1 (unofficial free extensions for Mercenaries 4 with diagram and sound improvements of Mechstorm)
    • MechWarrior (CTCG) (collecting pack of cards of Wizards OF the Coast)
    • Mechanical COMM other (real time strategy play)
    • Mechanical COMM other 2 (real time strategy play)
    • BattleTech (book series)

    Classic BattleTech

    The classical play BattleTech (today Classic BattleTech) is a Tabletop play. On large, hex screened maps plastic or tin figures begins or the play enclosed sticking on plate of the two players (or teams) against each other. Each player records the condition of his BattleMechs on data elbows. The fight is delivered with two hexagonal cubes and takes place rundenweise.

    Beside BattleMechs can be used infantry, artillery, air/space hunters, helicopters, VTOL aircraft, landing ships, spaceships, vehicles, ships and self-created units.

    The complexity of the rules can be increased gradually, in order to achieve a higher reality degree. According to desire weather effects, special attack techniques can be supplemented in such a way by Infantrie against Battlemechs, rules for the fight in cities, further kinds of weapon and much different one.

    The play is in the original on English, however into different languages was translated (among other things German, French and Netherlands). The play is particularly common in the USA and Europe (in particular Germany).

    World-wide particularly faithful trailers of the play are in each case summarized in Chaptern so mentioned regionally, which meet regularly to Battletech plays and begin against other Chapters into Chapterfights so mentioned. Chapter are particularly in Germany most common. This promoted by the high degree at association-organized players, like to examples in the official BattleTech the fan club Mechforce. In addition, other Organsisationen like for example Trueborn registered association and MechWorld offers approach places for Chapter. Beside this organized Chaptern one finds in Germany also numerous "free" Chapter so mentioned without association and/or organizational support to its hobby follows.

    At the boom time of BattleTech into the 1980ern published in addition hexbasierte plays, which concentrated on the air/space fight (AeroTech and/or AstroTech) or the fight on tactical level (war of the internal sphere, BattleTroops ). Latter line was however in the meantime stopped. With all these play systems it was made certain that they were compatible to the basis play BattleTech. One can play it therefore mostly linked, frequently changes only the zoom shot factor of the happening.

    MechWarrior: Dark Age

    MechWarrior: Dark Age is similar as Classic BattleTech a Science Fiction Tabletop. This variant moves the play with collectable BattleMech and vehicle miniatures into the foreground. These become similarly the collecting packs of cards as for instance Magic: The meeting in coincidentally together laws packings (boosters) drove out. The product MageKnight likewise coming from WizKids likewise successfully works according to this principle.


    FASA, which original manufacturers of BattleTech, has the enterprise adjusted and to the manufacturer WizKids sells all rights. This separated the BattleTech development now: Classic Battletech remains "the old "BattleTech, "the new "is called now MechWarrior: Dark Age. Originally the auxiliary title should be omitted, since however the name MechWarrior is at the same time a game of roles and the title for a successful computer game series, bends it confusion forwards.

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