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The Battle for Wesnoth is a free round strategy play, which was published under the GNU general Public License.

Play contents concentrate on fighting the opponent and occupying villages, which bring in only resources of the play, gold. With the fight it is to be known particularly importantly the pro and cons of the units and to be used these accordingly the ISO-metric terrain. These units gain thereby experience and can be taken over by a mission to the next by alignment of an overall value.

Although the play was programmed by hobby programmers, it is converted almost professional and contains several prepared campaigns. The play is appropriate for the single player mode, possesses however nevertheless the possibility for Multiplayerspiele over LAN, Hotseatmodus or Internet.

Wesnoth is in many languages available, also a completely German translation is present. The scenario offers a Fantasiewelt, which with the basic peoples (Elben, Orks etc.) at the large model master of the rings orients itself. Apart from the main campaign a multiplicity of further campaigns can be reached by means of an update server attainable from the play. In the same way also Multiplayer play can be delivered, whereby the chance is quite large fellow player to find.

Wesnoth opened a sophisticated tactics system, many possibilities and also to a risers by responding a made Tutorial was introduced.

The operation is intuitive and clear. The graphic presentation can keep up not with current prop. guessing eras plays, is however better than those of most comparable open SOURCE plays. Well made music and sound effects belong likewise to the strengths of the play.

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