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A bar mower is an attachment for tractors to the of grass. With older tractors a between the axles is also often cultivated. This technology originates from the earlier time of motorizing in the agriculture and by the today's was replaced. The bar mower was in former times in the agriculture standard, however at a oh tractors or rarely is today usually only used.

The work width of a bar mower varies after achievement of the power unit. The gumption fingers attached at the are 1-2 cm thickly and 15 cm long. measurers at a mobile cutterbar slide fast back and forth over rigid cutterbar. The is propelled either hydraulically or mechanically by engine of the tractor or its own combustion engine (as with the

Bar mowers have a higher friction, and thus a higher wear and power required than KreiselmĀ¤her or plate mowers. Since the bar is however rigid, this width has also disadvantages. So uneven area cannot be only badly or. The manufacturers of the bar mowers try to adjust this by a cutting height adjustable over skids. Likewise the is relatively sensitive, then they can blunt or bend fast through in the grass hidden mole hill or stones. From it result lower work width, driving speed and achievement.

The advantages are today only in the careful file of the (fast drying process) and in the indulgence of the vegetation and the soil, and/or with the employment with a oh tractor in the mobility and agility of the equipment, which is superior to the as Contrary to the household appliances, which are equipped with a rotary measurer usually, bar mowers clog not and can also high and wet Grass Small animals, which are with fast rotiernden cuts, to have a substantially higher chance of survival.

are inserted today outside of the ecological agriculture particularly at edges of road, on public meadows or large meadows, which only few marks must be in the year. This are often propelled by a oh tractors, which are more agile and so larger machines consider are.

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