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When Bandogs (chain dogs) become in the USA dogs designation, which are held during the day at the chain or in kennels and at night are released, in order to guard an area. In Germany the attitude is forbidden as a chain dog (animal protection dog regulation of 2. May 2001). The term does not designate a dog race in this sense, but the area of application of the Tiere.Im run of the German national dog regulations the term was however often listed as independent dog race. This is based on the fact that "Bandog" in the dog scene a crossing between American Pitbullterrier and Molosser is called. Molossoide races are for instance the Mastino Napoletano, the Bullmastiff or the Bordeauxdogge. An exact race standard cannot be presented for in such a way created Fantasierasse however therefore. The regulations defined the Bandog therefore very freely as general crossing of grossrahmiger dogs with high aggressiveness without uniform appearance.

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