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A bag is a container for transporting articles.

There are different kinds of bags:

  • A brief case is somewhat larger a bag in the format than DIN A4-Blatt for transporting documents. Can be differentiated in principle between a rather durable bag or an elegant suit-case.
  • Pilot suit-case, originally for pilots and their transport of larger luggage with change clothes meant, meanwhile also from lawyers or representatives for several files and/or than sample cases used, often with roles and linkage equipped.
  • A traveling bag is a luggage item, with which in particular clothes are transported on journeys.
  • In a sport bag sport clothes and if necessary sport devices are transported.
  • Schult ash (satchel) for pupils for the transport of their temporary fasteners, books and other school implements.
  • Handbags and wallets are small, partially fashionable bags, which are on the way carried. These contain articles of the daily need such as handkerchiefs, Kosmetika or identity papers. While lady handbags can be usually hung over the shoulder, so-called gentleman handbags at the wrist are carried.
  • A curing ash (English more measuringclosely bag) is a bag, with a belt, which is hung crosswise over the shoulder and chest and particularly for bicycle couriers one sketched.
  • Abdomens (also: Wimmerl or are small bags, which are fastened around the hip and/or before the belly.
  • Photo bags are hung i.d.R. around the shoulder and serve the transport of cameras and/or video cameras and accessories.
  • The backpack is carried usually on the back or at least over a shoulder and originates from the mountain haven. Meanwhile there are also so-called town center backpacks.

Bags have grasps or handles. They consist, depending upon kind and intended purpose, mostly of leather or art off fibers (usually PP) and are relatively flexible. Larger bags are usually equipped with roles.

In addition smaller bags are inside or outside inserted into many articles of clothing, particularly in trousers and jackets.

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