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The Macintosh is designated after the apple places McIntosh. The McIntosh was the favourite apple of Jef Raskin, the member of the Macintosh Designteams was. An alternative name during the development time of the project was "Bicycle ": Apple joint founder Steve job saw that in the long run to Macintosh computer mentioned as "Bicycle for your mind ", but due to the resistance of the developer team the new designation did not become generally accepted.

For the name Macintosh has the company Apple 1983 a license agreement with the US-American HiFi manufacturer McIntosh Laboratory, Inc. locked.

Technical equipment

Typically for the hardware of the Macintosh was from the outset to unite if possible all basic functions on the motherboard. Since the first Macintosh are diagram, clay/tone and networkable serial interfaces integrated, shortly thereafter were added ADB and SCSI, and late Ethernet and modem. Finally FireWire and USB became standard. Entering suppl. advice like iMac are expandable only the flexibility larger by external connections, professional models offer by internal PCI and AGP and/or PCIe card locations.

Since Apple develops both the hard and the software of the Macintosh platform, an exact tuning of the components is one on the other simpler as for example under Microsoft Windows, which must support a multiplicity of different hardware platforms of different manufacturers.

Macintosh fans lead therefore gladly the argument of larger crash security and missing driver conflicts on the Mac into the field, while Macintosh critics refer to the partially substantially more inexpensive hardware of the Intel and AMD based computers, which under Windows, Linux or -- more rarely -- BeOS or BSD run. The assumption of existing industry standards such as ATA and the early commitment for new standards (conditions 2004) like WLAN, Bluetooth or Firewire did not waive, did not relate the additional price so nevertheless opposite more comparably Intel based hardware if.

The processors were built first by Motorola, later also by IBM. After an announcement of Steve job the entire product row is to be changed over in the years 2006 and 2007 to processors by Intel. On 10 January 2006 first was introduced Intel iMac as well as the likewise Intel based laptop row MacBook/MacBook pro (successor iBooks and PowerBooks). At present (June 2006) (dual core) the power Mac G5 is the last model row, which has still another power PC processor.

Further technical equipment characteristics:

  • NuBus card locations, late PCI card locations and AGP and/or PCIe card locations
  • SCSI, late FireWire
  • ADB, late USB
  • later models have VGA (today DVI and ADC)

Operating system

Major item: Mac OS (to version 9) and Mac OS X (starting from 2001).

Already exhibits in March 2001 the introduced Erstfassung until today of Apple for the Macintosh of used operating system Mac OS X opposite its (namentlichen) predecessors technically seen practically no more thing in common. Mac OS X uses the NEXT system, whose manufacturing firm of the same name was taken over by Apple as basis. Kernel named Darwin, open SOURCE Unix-derivative, which is derived from FreeBSD, forms core of Mac OS X. this makes possible it that a majority the open SOURCE software, which were developed under other one, open Unix derivatives can be used also under Mac OS X.

On the Kernel the Aqua surface in such a way specified puts, one on opposite "the classical "Mac OS completely newly arranged user surface, whose Design elements (transparency and shade effects, more detailed Icons) found partially also in surfaces of Unix/Linux and Windows systems entrance. Besides however also - a new fact for the Macintosh - the operation is available by university X-command line.

With the conception of the software boat Camp in April 2006 it became for the first time possible to start a Macintosh with Windows or another x86-System. This possibility exists however only with a Apple computer with x86 processor.

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