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Alliance AG
Company information
NameAlliance AG
Head officeMunich
Firm information
Form of business organizationCorporation
Company nameAlliance AG
Establishment placeMunich
Company headquartersMunich
Coworker162.180 (2004)
Contribution revenues gross10.035 millions "€ (2005)
Owner structure
Private investors
Institutional investors
Institutional investors
 (foreign country) 
Munich back
V<small> <0,1%</small>Management, other
Contact addressAlliance 2880802 Munich Germany
Telephone+49.89.3800 0

The alliance AG is one of the world largest insurance companies with seat in Munich.

The getting thing and their subsidiaries arise world-wide under the name alliance Group. Chairman of the board of the company is for April 2003 Michael Diekmann.

The alliance has altogether approx. 177,000 coworkers (conditions March 2006).


1890 took up the one year before to Munich von Carl von Thieme and Wilhelm von Finck created alliance insurance AG to Berlin their business activity. The society became relevant in the start time by the Dresdens bank AG, which banking house Merck Finck & CO as well as that, from the Thieme and Finck created, finances before Munich reinsurance. 1893 were opened in London the first foreign branch, 1895 was acted for the first time the shares of the enterprise at the citizens of Berlin stock exchange.

1906 existed the alliance their first load test, since she had to carry a not insignificant part out of the remunerations after the devastating earthquake in San Francisco. When in April 1912 the Titanic sank, the alliance had to carry likewise high payments of compensation out.

1922 were created the subsidiary alliance life insurance AG. During in the 20's the fusion wave rolling by Germany several companies (among other things the Frankfurt insurance AG, Bavarian insurance bank AG) were bought up by the alliance, however partly their names kept could and to in 21. Acted to century halfautonomously at the market. 1932 start the alliance their commitment in the damage research and opened a material inspection station for damage research, from which alliance came out later the center for technology (AZT). A goal was to be made available it from damage events won realizations the interested enterprises to the harming and minimizing the risk. From 1933 to 1945 the alliance insured also subsidiary organizations of the NSDAP and opened in the course of the Ausbreitrung of the German Reich new business fields. Among other things the customer master could be expanded also by the assumption of Jewish insurance houses.

After the war and the blockade of Berlin 1949, the centers became to Munich (alliance insurance AG) and/or Stuttgart (alliance life insurance AG) shifts. 1958 led the company the well-known advertising slogan ""… hopefully alliance insured", in the year following on it the foreign business were again taken up. 1956 tried Merck Finck its 40-prozentigen portion of the alliance covered to increase, arrived however not at the goal and sold thereupon to 1990 the portion of the insurance completely. Starting from this time the Munich ones were back, with which apart from the 25-prozentigen over cross participation since 1921 a basic agreement existed over the principles of co-operation, the determining shareholder of the alliance.

Starting from the 70's the alliance became by buyings up and foundation ever more strongly abroad an acting enterprise. Followed the assumption of tradionsreicher insurers in France (AGF), Italy (RACE) and the USA (Firemans find). 1985 were created the alliance AG getting thing for the better controlling of the participation, 1990 took over the alliance the national insurance of the GDR. The expansion into the East part of Europe began with the opening of an address in Hungary. Into seven further countries of central and Eastern Europe followed with opening of addresses. 1997 took over the alliance 51% of the share capital of the second largest French insurance, Assurances de France (AGF) in the value of 9,2 billion DM. The alliance ascended thereby to the world largest insurance company. 1999 began, particularly by the purchase the South Korean roofridge Life Insurance CO. Ltd. the expansion to Asia.

The assumption of the Dresdens bank 2001, together with natural catastrophes in Central Europe, the notice on the World trade center and the crisis in the international financial markets, to the alliance in the year 2002, for the first time in firm history, a negative result of approximately minus 1,2 billion euro gave. At the same time the Munich back their portion of the alliance reduced to 20%.

2002 went those United group of insurance completely in the alliance up, from the health insurance section was formed the alliance private health insurance AG. After alliance and Munich back 2003 quit also its basic agreement officially and their mutual portion of far reduced (2005 hold Munich back still 4.9% at the alliance), a large decartelization of the German insurance economy became reached. In the middle of September 2005 created the alliance the Internet insurer alliance 24, to which for the time being (conditions April 2006) excluding autoinsurance offers.

Strategy: 3+Eins

To increase in the 3+Eins-Programm, which 2003 one decided, several initiatives moved by the value of the alliance AG. The program rests on the following initiatives:

  • 1. Protection and stabilization of the capital basis
  • 2. Substantial increase of the operational yield capacity
  • 3. Decrease of the complexity
  • +Eins. Lasting increase of the competitive ability and the enterprise value


For the year 2006 and the following is planned under the criterion of the 3+Eins-Programms to convert the enterprise. The following is so far planned:

  • Transformation of the alliance AG into a European corporation (in the future: Alliance SE).
  • Reduction of the executive committee the again created getting thing of 20 to 12 members.
  • Establishment of an alliance Germany AG (ADAG) as getting thing for the German insurance transaction.
  • Bundling of the ill life and insurance against material damage under the roof of the ADAG.
  • Complete fusion of the Frankfurt insurance AG and the Bavarian insurance bank AG with the alliance insurance AG.
  • Separating the different selling units and bundling the same in the alliance consultation and selling-say (ABV).
  • The fusion of the Italian RACE with the Lloyd Adriatico, by which the alliance holds the majority of the shares, and integration into the alliance SE.
  • Reduction from seven branches to four uniform driving out and service areas.

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