Aircraft crash of Ustica

In the evening 27 of June 1980 north, the Italian island Ustica fell a DC-9 (I-TIGI) of the Italian society Itavia from so far surely not clarified reasons into the Mediterranean. The civilian airplane was with flight number IH870 on the way from Bologna to Palermo. The start was late by two hours. Around 20:59 the last transponder signal of the machine was noted, to radar echoes disappeared within two minutes. Two military F-104 rose from the Grosseto after 21:00 to around the crash place to find short, what did not succeed to them, however. With the crash of the Itavia – machine is connected the crash of a Libyan MiG-23 over Kalabrien, which obviously fell remotely on the same day in one area (Sila mountains of the Aspromonte), however, only on 19 July 1980 was also possibly discovered; the body of the dead pilot showed indications of a strong decay.

81 humans died with this airplane misfortune, which admits as “strage di Ustica” (the Ustica Blutbad) in Italy became.

The trunk of the airplane was lifted nine years later by a French enterprise (Ifremer) from 3500 meters of depth and the remnants were examined. The “black box” was found and saved only in 1991. At saved remnants of the airplane, late traces of the military explosive T4 were found.

Also many years after the crash, the exact course of events of the crash could not be reconstructed. Different appraisals excluded a breakup of the machine apart in the consequence by aging. A first appraisal came in March 1989 in the end that the airplane was erroneously shot by an air-to-air rocket. This opinion was confirmed by a national commission of inquiry in the same year. 1990 came a minority of the consultants to the result that it had come to an explosion by a bomb inside the machine. Due to wrong statements, it came in the consequence to processes and condemnations of different officers (also several generals) of the Italian Air Force and the Italian secret service SISMI, since proven it could widen that this important information held back or gave wrong data. The commission of inquiry “commissione stragi” the Italian parliament deplored wrong statements and a holding back of information in this connection also by national places. 1994 came a second appraisal by the majority to the result that it had concerned a bomb explosion inside the airplane; a minority of the consultants regarded, however, a rocket as a cause. In the context of the second investigation it could be free of doubts proven that, differently than the maintained ground, military airplanes in the crash area stopped. At the time of the crash, there were obviously employments of NATO airplanes or French airplanes in the tyrrhenischen sea. Radar data suggest nine fighters.

On one of the few remained seized magnetic tapes (most other volumes were useless by deletions or switched off recording) receive radar echoes of a very rapidly moving object recognizably, which approached the airplane from direction the west to a civilian radar facility, one of the fighters is west parallel to the DC9 to have flown, in order to turn briefly before the crash eastward.

According to theory applied the attack of the machine of the Libyan head of state Muammar aluminium-Gaddafi, which was simultaneous in a machine of the same type over South Italies on the way. Gaddafi accused the USA of September 2003 to have tried to kill it.

Witnesses are to have been switched off in the future purposefully, among other things during the flight day misfortune of Ramstein, with which it concerned some journalists according to in reality a conspiracy. This had the goal bring pilots to the silence who are to have been involved in June 1980 in a secret mission for the murder by Libya president Gaddafi, when this was on the way home of a state visit in the USSR. The operation failed therefore and NATO fliers over the Mediterranean intervened, whereby they shot allegedly inadvertently Itavia flight 870, a DC-9-Passagierjet. NATO did not express itself to this incident so far.

The conspiracy theoreticians for their part let miss explanations to many substantial questions – among other things in addition, how such a misfortune is to have been produced, why the pilots not in simpler kind to have been killed to be supposed, and not least, why one is to have waited full eight years until one eliminated her.

Radio traffic between the Itavia-Flug-870 and the air traffic control

    *20: 00 local F/O Itavia 870, ready for start UP. [Flight IH870 is running about two hours late due tons small technical problem of and heavy more weather that has disrupted normally air traffic over Italy that day] *TWR 870, CLEARED ton start. When ready, CLEARED thus for taxi. *F/O Roger. *20: 05 TWR 870, clearance. *F/O Go ahead. *TWR Itavia 870 is CLEARED tons of Palermo via Firenze, Amber 14; climb and maintain flight level one niner zero. READ bake and call when ready for takeoffs. *F/O 870 is CLEARED tons of Palermo, via Firenze, Amber 14, level 190. We'll call you ready. *20: 07 F/O 870 is ready for take off. *TWR 870, CLEARED for takeoffs. *20: 08 TWR 870, airborne RKs 08, call Padova center, good bye. *F/O With Padova, bye. *20: 11 F/O Padova, good evening, Itavia 870. *Padova ACC Itavia 870, continue as CLEARED and report Firenze. *F/O We'll report Firenze. [Control which procedural. IH870 reached Firenze BEFORE RK 20:20] *20: 20 F/O Over Firenze, Itavia 870. *Padova ACC Contact Rome radar, 124,2, good bye. *F/O Rome, 124,2, good bye, 870. *F/O Good evening Rome, Itavia 870. *Rome (North - East sector) ACC Good evening tons you too, 870. Squawk 1136. CLEARED ton of Palermo, via Bolsena, Puma, Latina, Ponza, Amber 13 *F/O 1136 is coming and 870 is CLEARED tons of Palermo via Bolsena, Puma, Latina, Ponza, Amber 13 and we're approaching 190"… *Rome ACC Climb initially tons of 230. *F/O UP ton of 230, 870. [IH870 is CLEARED ton of FL230 and emergency ton to higher level because RKs FL250, A few miles ahead, another Itavia aircraft, flight IH779 from Bergamo ton of Rome Ciampino, is about ton start the cent. The radar CONTROLLER asks ton the DC-9 crew if they have A visual.] *F/O Rome, 870, with the traffic in sight, is turning left again, crossing 245. *Rome ACC Roger, direct tons of Bolsena. *F/O Direct ton of Bolsena, 870. *20: 27 Rome ACC [due ton some scalloping OF the Firenze FORWARDS, IH779 and IH870 of acres now about 8 of miles left OF the Amber 14 ' s center LINE] Itavia 779, proceed direct tons Campagnano [FORWARDS], 160 heading from position present. Thus 870 take 160 heading. *F/O 160 for 870. *20: 34 Rome ACC 870, call Rome 125.5. Bye. *F/O 125.5. *F/O Rome, good evening. 870 is over Bolsena. *Rome (terminals) ACC radar contact, as CLEARED. *20: 39 Rome ACC 870, 124,2, good evening. [IH870 is over Puma reporting POINT and is turning left tons of Latina FORWARDS] *F/O Thank you, bye. *F/O This is 870, good evening, Rome. *Rome ACC  *F/O Good evening, 870 maintaining 290, over Puma. *Rome ACC Roger, proceed Latina, Ponza. *20: 44 F/O Rome, 870. *Rome ACC Itavia 870, for Ponza 123.35. *F/O Bye. *F/O 870, good evening, Rome. *Rome (South second gate) ACC Good evening, 870; maintain 290, report Amber 13, alpha. *F/O Yes"… neither Ponza is  We've found A graveyard this evening; coming from to Firenze incoming goods find one didn't beacon working properly. *Rome ACC in fact, everything is A bit out, Ponza too. What's your heading  *F/O We've 195. *Rome ACC wave, maintain 195. You'll go some mile south OF Ponza. *Rome ACC I don't know if you want ton keep this heading. Otherwise you CAN go left, 15-20 degrees. *F/O OK ONE, incoming goods PUT 210. *20: 48 F/O This is 870: is possible ton of GET 250  [IH870 requests A lower level due turbulence] *Rome ACC Affirmative: you CAN start the cent now. *F/O Thanks: leaving 290. *20: 51 Rome ACC 870, you've Ponza three miles ton the right left, thus approximately tons of Palermo it's good this heading. *F/O Very child, thanks, we're approaching 250. *Rome ACC Perfect, anyway call ME when receiving Palermo [FORWARDS]. *F/O PAL [FORWARDS] is already on the air and coming wave. And incoming goods got the Ponza DME. *Rome ACC Good, so normally navigation ton of Palermo. Maintain 250, call ME over alpha. *20: 56 F/O It's over alpha, 870. *Rome ACC Affirmative, slightly ton the right, about four miles. Radar service terminates here. Call 128,8 for (Instructions) *F/O Thank you for everything and good bye. *F/O Rome, Itavia 870. 115 miles ton of PRS [Raisi FORWARDS, near Palermo], maintaining 250. *Rome ACC Roger, Itavia 870. To estimate for  *F/O incoming goods estimate Raisi RK 19. *Rome ACC 870, more roger. CLEARED ton of Raisi FORWARDS, NO delay expected. Call bake for the cent. *F/O tons of Raisi, NO delay. We'll call you for the cent, 870. *Rome ACC That is correct. *20: 59: 45 [load transponder to who from the IH870 is recorded RK the far southern end to OF the Ciampino civil radar rank. IH870 is recorded RK FL250, about 50 of miles north OF Ustica Iceland] *21: 04 Rome ACC Itavia 870, when ready, CLEARED ton of 110, report leaving 250 and passing 150. [NO to who] *Rome ACC Itavia 870, Rome [NO to who] *Rome ACC Itavia 870, Rome, DO you  [NO to who. Two OTHER traffic acres requested tons relay the calls tons of IH870, but NO to who is ever GET from the DC-9. All 81 people on board perished in this ton yet explained crash] {ref|note1}}