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Some dog races were bred particularly for tasks of awake. Awake dogs are thereby customs dogs.


Their task consists of, alone defending thus without dog leaders, them as district assigned, a usually defined area against any form from intruders to whereby and by this both counts an announcing and fright evenly these, in emergency, the attack on the intruders. For this task typical races are for example Bullterrier, Rottweiler and shepherd dog (which its name to the defiance today as an awake dog one uses).

Difference to the protection dog

An awake dog may not be confounded with a protection dog. This accompanies a dog leader and places aimed other persons.

Other breeds

  • Hunting dog
  • Hirtenhund
  • Combat dog
  • Customs dog
  • Begleithund
  • Family dog
  • Lap dog


Rather unorthodox to find but nowadays also as "awake dogs "are geese. Both in private mechanisms and with the US military these animals are above all used, in order to announce and deter intruders by loud calls.

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