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One speaks of an automatic warehouse (HRL) (English high bay warehouse) starting from a height of 12 meters, at present the maximum height amounts to approx. 40 meters. It represents a storage system, which has a high space use and with the production of high investments requires. Usually these systems are managed all-electronically with a stock management system. The goods are carried within the camp by shelf control devices (RBG).

Stock area

Here the goods in the high shelf are stored. Between two shelf rows is in each case a lane, in which rail-bound shelf control devices (RBG) move, in order goods into the shelves to in and page out. The RBG is steered automatically, if in the Vorzone one kommissioniert (commodity to man). In addition, they can be served manually, if directly in the shelf one kommissioniert (man to the commodity).

Each lane has Ein-und paging range. With circle-usual camps in principle an in and a paging out range are enough. This conveying engineering connects the stock area with the Vorzone.


To the automatic warehouse a supply or a storage range belongs, over which the goods are delivered and from that the RBGs the goods for storing to fetch.

Similarly a paging range is needed, at that the RBG the commodity after paging placing out.

Components of this conveying engineering can be chain conveyors, propelled roller races, gravity roller conveyors, elevating platforms, turntables, converters, FTF, shifting car and vertical promoter.

With automatic Komissionierlagern are arranged in the Vorzone The pallet comes from the HRL to the Komissionierplatz, the commodity is taken, written off and the pallet goes again back into the HRL.

Into the Vorzone effected also the identification of the commodity for the stock management computer, this point highlight (identification point) one calls. The commodity is administered off here here provided with automatically readable Identifikatoren - for example with a bar code or a Smart label - and up to the writing off of the LVR.

Stock management system (LVS)

The stock management system consists of the following two subsystems:

Storage of you computer (LSR) or also flow of material computer (MFR)

The storage of you computer passes the orders for transportation on of the stock management computer to the RBG. The command string reads thus "gets commodity of place X, brings commodity after place Y ". After processing of an order for transportation the next from the queue is worked on. The entire stock pile optimization settles thereby the LVR.

Stock management computer (LVR)

The stock management computer coordinates in and paging of the commodity after certain guidelines. The optimization of the software to the individual requirements is considerably responsible for the achievement of the camp.

One stores frequently according to the principle of the chaotic storekeeping. Simplified said this means that the system looks for itself any free space and stores the commodity. If necessary one can supplement this chaotic principle by rules. For example one can demand that a material, which is present in several containers is distributed in such a manner on several shelf rows that different RBGs can page the material out. With the fact one guarantees that the material is available also if a RBG precipitates.

Common also the ABC strategy is for the increase of the envelope achievement. Here at the most frequent necessary article in but-calibrate (close at in paging out place) the camp stored. In but-calibrate are relatively small and concomitantly the drives in paging out times. The B-range in middle distance for less often necessary articles and the C-range are similar in the rear store-hurry for rarely needed articles.

See also: Park shelf

Relevant standards

  • FEM 9,222 rules over the acceptance and availability of plants with shelf control devices and other trades
  • FEM 9,831 design fundamentals for RBG automatic warehouses
  • FEM 9,832 design fundamentals for RBG Kleinteilelager

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