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Page modified: Thursday, July 14, 2011 01:28:50

Automatic milking systems - AMS - (often called milking robots) as a box systems or multi-box systems are offered. Most important characteristic of a AMS is automatic attaching of the milking table-ware to the Euter of the cow, without any manual assistance. The few manufacturers of AMS (de Laval, RMS, Lely), acting world-wide, use for it Erkennungssysteme on basis ultrasonic, laser, optical sensors as well as combinations of it.

With a box plants the setting robot is firmly connected with the milking box. With multi-box systems the setting robot drives on laterally attached rails from box to box. A multiplicity of electronic building groups secures thereby these price increase of the entire system and the effective evaluation of all relevant data to the milk and to animal main advantages of AMS in relation to conventional milking technology is thereby less hard manual labor, large temporal flexibility, minimum construction costses, saving of milking time, for more than 2-maliges daily milking, better animal health and optimal herd overview. Hauptnachteil are the higher Erstinvestionskosten.

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