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The teacher and authoress Augusts Schmidt (* 3 August 1833 in Breslau; "† 10 June 1902 in Leipzig) created 1865 together with Louise petrol Peter "the general German woman Mrs. "(ADF). It engaged itself particularly for the girl formation and the rights of women.

Augusts Schmidt was the daughter of a Prussian artillery captain, which made it and its two sisters possible a good professional training. She worked on different schools as a teacher. 1861 became it directress of a higher daughter school in Leipzig. To its pupils among other things also Clara Zetkin belonged.

Into Leipzig she came also into contact with Louise petrol Peter. Both belonged to the initial members of the ADF and publication starting from 1866 together the association magazine of the ADF "new courses ". Schmidt was also at the establishment of the association of German teachers and educators, the general German teacher association (ADLV) and the federation of German woman Mrs. (BDF), a controlling body of the civil women's movement, takes part. Of 1894 - 1899 were it chairmen of the BDF.

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