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August Vincent Theodor Spies (* 10 December 1855 in landhit a corner, Hessen; "† 11 November 1887 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, the USA, hung) was editor-in-chief and publisher of the socialist "worker newspaper "and a speaker of the American workers' movement in Chicago.


Spies was the son of a and its wife Christina. Nut/mother Christina lived later (US-Census 1880) with son August in Chicago.


Spies emigrierte 1871 to Chicago and learned there the occupation of the Polsterers. In the year 1876 it began to interest in the workers' movement and 1877 joined itself it the socialist labour party of North America.

1880 he became publisher and managing director of the local "worker newspaper "and was 1884-1886 in addition their editor-in-chief. He became speaker of the socialrevolutionary wing of the American workers' movement.

In November 1887 it was executed together with George angel originating from Kassel, after to 4. May 1886 in consequence of the fight for the 8-Stunden-Arbeitstag on the Haymarket a bomb had exploded.

1893 cancelled the governor von Illinois, John Peter Altgeld, the judgement: "None the accused could be brought with the case in connection. The jurors were parteiisch selected. "

John F. Kennedys comment on the decision of the governor: "A bright example of civil courage. "


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