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August William Derleth (* 24 February 1909; "† 4 July 1971) was an US-American author by horror stories, publishers and authors of Anthologien.

August William, the son of William Julius Derleth and rose Louise people, buildup in Sauk County, Wisconsin. At the age of 16 years it sold its first history to the magazine Weird of valley, in which fantastische narrations were published. Also during its four years old study at the University of Wisconsin that he locked 1930, it wrote Derleth constantly further stories. During this time he worked in addition as an editor for the Mystic of magazines.

Derleth was engaged very socially and in the middle of the 1930er years organized it a Ranger club for young humans among other things, worked as employee and chairmen of the local commission for education and probation officer. Beyond that it was active as a lector for the University of Wisconsin.

He was a contemporary and a friend of the author H.P. Lovecraft (Lovecrafts figure of the Comte is a Hommage at Derleth d'Erlette) and after its death in the year 1937 he actually took some its unpublished stories and revised or completed these, in order to publish it in Weird of valley or in book form. It used the term of the Cthulhu myth, in order to define a mythology, behind Lovecrafts the work stood. Derleth added further divinities and creatures to the myth, partly modified it and brought it more in connection with its own Christian view of the fight of God with the bad one. Together with Donald Wandrei it placed a collection of Lovecrafts Kurzgeschichten together around it to publish. Since the addressed publishing houses showed however little interest, they created 1939 their own publishing house named Arkham House to publish primarily in order the works Lovecrafts. The name comes from the fictitious city Arkham in Massachusetts), which mentions Lovecraft in several of its stories.

1939 brought Arkham out House The outsider and Others, an extensive collection of Lovecrafts Kurzgeschichten. Derleth and Wandrei decided to extend Arkham House and it followed regularly further publications, under it 1941 Someone into the Dark, a collection of Derleths own horror stories.

1941 became Derleth editor of the magazine The Capital Time OF Madison. It held this position up to its retirement in the year 1961.

On 6 April 1953 he married Sandra Evelyn of winter. 1959 became the marriage divorced, whereby with Derleth the custody for the children received April rose and Walden William.

1960 it published the magazine Hawk and Whippoorwill, which was dedicated to the seal over humans and nature.


Derleth wrote over 150 Kurzgeschichten and 100 novels, among them some novellas over the detective "solarly Pons", which exhibits some similarities with Sherlock of cross-beam. In addition it wrote under the aliases Stephen Grendon, Kenyon of cross-beam and Tally Mason.

A list of its works is under Bibliografie of August Derleth.

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