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God praise Franz August Adolph baron von Berlepsch (* 27 November 1790 in sea-brook; "† 4 October 1867 in Dresden) was a German forest man. As royal-Saxonian upper land forest masters led it the Saxonian state forests to economical bloom.


August Adolph baron von Berlepsch was born on 27 November 1790 on the monastery property in sea-brook, where it also spent its first five Lebensjahre. After three years with its grandmother in Mihla it received up to 13. Lebensjahr as well as his brother Ludwig private training with the Seebacher minister. From 1805 to 1808 it studied mathematics in primarily. With the battle with Jena and Auerstedt in the year 1806 its both older brothers came God-dear and to Ludwig into French shank, became however soon again to dismiss, when they gave their word of honour to never fight again against France. Thus Ludwig von Berlepsch transferred the paternal property to sea-brook, which had actually been zugedacht its brother August. This came instead from 1808 to 1809 as pupils to the private forest institute Heinrich Cottas in Zillbach.

When Cotta became to appoint 1811 as a forest advice after Tharandt, in order to transfer to Saxonia the management over the measurement and mechanism of the there state woodlands, from Berlepsch and 1812 followed him to suggestion Cottas into the Oberforstmeisterei Pretzsch were appointed, in order to furnish these after Cottas system. In the region he experienced several battles very closely also, among them also the people battle with Leipzig. After it had confessed on 19 October 1813 on the battleground, it still announced in the same year at a Saxonian free choir in Dresden and advanced themselves as a second lieutenant until Mainz, which resulted however in the case of the peace treaty of Paris.

Back in the homeland it kept the place of the Vizedirektors of the 1811 transferred after Tharandt shifted institute for forest measurement, became 1819 forest masters and 1820 adviser for forest and raft things in the secret finance committee. When the king appointed it 1821 the financial advice, it gave to it on the way that it had "toward the due enterprise and continuation of the measurement and rating business its special attention to direct and around itself of it as well as at all of and that management of our woodlands convince on the spot, in each year [...] some forests to revise". It had been Cotta, which had these revisions as form of the operational check lively.

To 13. May 1821 married August Adolph baron von Berlepsch the straight only countess Adolfine Augusts of the school castle love rose (* 1. May 1803 in cloth home; "† 9 January 1878 in Dresden), which it on a Pirschfahrt know had learned. The two led a lucky marriage, which was gesegnet with 13 children. His youngest son Hans Hermann baron von Berlepsch became late royal of Prussian Ministers of State for trade and trade.

Also vocationally much success had from Berlepsch. 1854 it became royal of Saxonian upper land forest masters with the rank of a secret advice, until it went to 1860 into the retirement. Under its line the Saxonian Forstwesen flowered up and the profitability of the state forests rose to an important height - lasting earnings/services of Berlepschs, which made itself thereby in the forest world a well-known name. Also it remained further faithfully connected for its former instructor Cotta. Primarily of Berlepschs employment was to be attributed it that the academy of forestry Tharandt was extended 1830 to "the academy for forest and farmers ". When their director Cotta died 1844, the grave speech held of Berlepsch as its oldest pupil. Transition way transferred he besides in the spring 1845 the management of the academy, until in October 1845 then upper forest advice Karl Heinrich Edmund von Berg began this office. Also with the celebration from cause of Cottas 100. Birthday in the year 1863 held the ceremonial address from Berlepsch.

Besides it came in the course of the years also privately rightfully considerable possessions. When his brother Ludwig died 1837, its inheritance under the survivor brothers was divided. God-dear of Berlepsch surrendered his portion thereby against a pension to August Adolph, whereby this came into the property of the monastery property sea-brook. he bought still the manor Hambach to 1857 in addition, so that the family belonged again to hessian knight shank, and attained further possessions. 1863 it leased the monastery property sea-brook to its son Richard.

August Adolph of Berlepsch died on 4 October 1867 at the age of 77 years in Dresden, where it lies also buried.

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