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AUDI 100 (1968 to 1997) is a sedan of the elevated middle class of AUDI.

AUDI 100 c1 (1968-1976)

The first AUDI 100 is brought to 1968 by the cars union GmbH on the market. The vehicle carries the model row designation "for c1 ".

The developing history of the first AUDI 100 is almost legendary. One essentially thought with VOLKSWAGEN in wolf castle with the 1965 bought to go with bankruptcy-threatened car union a further assembly plant for still in the best way the selling VOLKSWAGEN beetle to have acquired itself. The free capacities with the assembly VOLKSWAGEN beetle was filled out, which came now in Ingolstadt off the line. Thus Volkswagen boss had Heinrich northhopes also ordered that with AUDI no new models should be developed more. The luckless DKW F102 was revised and equipped with a four-stroke engine. It was manufactured under the designation AUDI F103 as the first AUDI vehicle.

The technician Ludwig Kraus coming from Daimler Benz believed meanwhile not in the future VOLKSWAGEN beetle and developed therefore without knowledge of the company nut/mother and to a large extent after end of workday a new model, the AUDI 100. Only the finished car northhope finally presented. One decided to produce a unique edition from 100.000 vehicles to but the demand was so enormous that until 1976 by the first model in the long run 827,474 vehicles were manufactured.

The secret development of this model, probably a procedure singular in German automobile history, was in the long run the reason that AUDI remained as independent mark at all. Audis technical know-how again saved the Volkswagen company standing at the abyss into the early 1970er year. This had maneuvered itself with its beetle mono culture and its derivatives more and more the offside and was only resorting to AUDI components in the situation to change its product program over in shortest time in water-cooled models.

The first AUDI 100 was manufactured first as 2 - and as well as starting from 1969 as AUDI 100 S. The four-cylinder engine of the vehicle was developed as one of the first vehicles world-wide with a computer-computed body and equipped with 1,6 l to 1.9 l capacity.

1971 are shifted production in the Swabian Neckarsulm.

1974 are shifted the vehicle front more sharp-edged, the disc brakes by the transmission to the exterior, which rear axle implantiert of the AUDI 80.

By the use of inferior recycling sheet metal products of the Volkswagen company in the middle of the 1970er are very rust susceptible years. This becomes under a relatively high copper portion in the metal, which leads to intergranular corrosion.

AUDI 100 C2 (1976-1982)

AUDI 100 C2 (type 43)
Production period:08/1976 - 07/1982
Class:Upper middle class
Body versions: Viertrer, (Avant)
Engines:1.6 litres, 1.9 litres, 2.0 litres, 2.1 litres Otto; 2.0 litres of Diesel, 2.0 litres of turbo-Diesel
Length (mm):4.695 (Avant: 4.607)
Width (mm):1.768
Height (mm):1.390
Weight (kg):1.100 - 1.210
V max (km/h):150 (Diesels) - 188 (a pencil sharpeners)
Predecessor model:AUDI 100 c1
Successor:AUDI 100 C3
Similar models:Mercedes Benz W123, BMW 5er, OPEL Commodore, Citroen CX, Volvo 240

The successor of the AUDI 100 c1 comes in August 1976 on the market and carries the model row designation "for C2 ", the AUDI internal designation reads "type 43 ". As the new model drawn with the ruler has a generous aerodynamically clean body, which sets consistently on lightweight construction. Audis technique executive committee Ferdinand Piech left its first AUDI development, which carries its clear handwriting with this model.

The Design was inspired by the alignment of the NSU Ro 80. From this he took over among other things the rear triangle window, which became typical for the AUDI Design. The draft comes from Hartmut being kiss, which has responsibility for the Design of numerous AUDI and/or Volkswagen vehicles into the 90's. The Interieur and the daring Farbpalette are developed in co-operation with Munich architects the Paolo Nestler.

The larger and sportier vehicle with the first standard five-cylinder Otto engine are equipped and are with 63 KW (85 HP), 85 KW (115 HP) and 100 KW (136 HP) (of 5E) as well as 1978 as 51-kW (70-PS) Diesel (5D) available. The basic idea of the five-cylinder machine was to create an engine which unites the quiet running of a six-cylinder with the economy of a four-cylinder. Already since DKW times AUDI engines were always attached before the front axle, a row six cylinder the vehicle too top-heavy thus would have made. Later one solved 100 C4 this problem with a compact V6-Zylinderanordnung in the AUDI.

Within the range of passive security there was a new fact: With the principle of the autogenous folding becoming baggy after Timoschenko the front side members take up impact energy. Prototypes with wankel engine, which the gap of the NSU Ro 80 in the AUDI program should close, were rejected 1977.

Starting from February 1977 the available remained rare Exoten, in September 1977 published for the first time the Avant models, which possess a with large rear flap. the five-cylinder carburetor version 5S with likewise 85 KW the interim solution of the 2,0-Liter-Maschine EA831, which in the Porsche 924 as well as AMC Gremlin is to be found, terminates 1978. Likewise 1978 appeared the more sumptuously equipped CD version.

1979 are brought the AUDI 200 on the market, to these represented to Audis first raid into the upper class segment. It be based on the AUDI 100 and is available beside that 100 KW (136 HP) strong fuel injection engine (5E) as turbo-version with 125 KW (170 HP) as AUDI 200 (5T).

Model year 1980 brought increased headlights with white turn signals, widened tail lamps and a revised Interieur. 1981 appeared the versions CS and formula E, besides a new (5) is available. In small number of items the AUDI of 100 also with Volkswagen OF Nigeria in the CKD procedure is produced. 1982 are adjusted the production of the C2 in Neckarsulm after 947.558 copies.

In the USA the AUDI 100 C2 is offered to AUDI 5000 from 1978 to 1983 under the designation.

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