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Athlitiki Icho (Greek , German sporty echo) is Greek their editorship seat is in Athens. Up to holidays it appears daily and is the oldest of their kind in Greece. 1945 based, applied it to decades as neutral and reported on the different kinds of sport and sport events from the national and international happening. Their emphasis always was thereby in football over many years, and despite that fact that ever more sport newspapers in Greece published, was it the present-strongest its Art.In the 1990er years changed the picture of the newspaper however fundamentally. After several changes in the editorship, the newspaper lost its supremacy on the hard Greek market and in the consequence also their neutrality. Today the newspaper is considered as speech pipe of the largest Greek sport association Panathinaikos Athens. It is thereby however more moderately than their "sister newspaper" Derby which the interests of Panathinaikos represents.

One reports in the newspaper on all kinds of sport of Greece as well as on the large sport events abroad. Even if the large emphasis is with Panathinaikos, also on other associations of Greece one reports. Selling becomes the newspaper in completely Greece as well as on Cyprus. The newspaper is likewise available also in cities abroad with a high population portion of Greeks like for example Duesseldorf, Frankfurt A.M., Stuttgart, London or also Paris.Der price amounts to 1 "€.

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