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Atego is the name of truck series of Mercedes Benz (section Mercedes Benz truck), which belongs to the DaimlerChrysler company.

Premiere 1998

After altogether 14 years construction period, in the year 1998 the Atego as a successor of the well-known series process card was introduced. First there was the new small Mercedes series with the row four-cylinder engine COM 904 LA (4.25 litres capacity) and the row six cylinder COM 906 LA (6.37 litres capacity), which between 90 - 205 KW/122 - 279 HP as well as 470 - 1,100 Nm carried out. Equal to beginning Mercedes offered to the Atego with four different driving cabs (S, S, L (1 bed) and L high roof (2 beds extend)) as well as various wheel bases between 3,020 mm and 6,260 mm on. In addition still different structure forms came such as dump trucks, plank bed cars or articulated towing vehicle. As transmissions the types G42/5-5 with 5 courses, G60/6-6 and G85/6-6 with in each case 6 courses and a 12-Gang-Getriebe (4-Gang-Grundgetriebe with splitting, 1 reverse gear) were available. Available tonnages were the following types: Atego 7xx (6.5 t), Atego 8xx (7.49 t), Atego 8xx (8.0 t), Atego 9xx (9.5 t), Atego 10xx (10.5 t), Atego 12xx (11.99 t), Atego 13xx (13.5 t), Atego 15xx (15 t), whereby instead of the two x the engine achievement is indicated in each case as a tenth.

The heavy Atego

Particularly since there between Actros and Atego was no middle series (the today's Axor) in the year 1998 still, the Atego was available even with higher framework and the large machines than "heavy "articulated towing vehicle. Particularly for this type to model year 2000 the ATEGO was introduced 1533 and 1833. Engine was that already well-known row six cylinder COM 906 LA, whose capacity on 7,2 l was raised and from now on 240 KW (326 HP) as well as carried 1,300 Nm out. For a long time if this heavy Atego series did not have however existence, nevertheless the Mercedes Benz Axor and became from then on as moderately severe series to model year 2001 (last moderately severe series before: Mercedes Benz MK, 1973 - 1988) in the program led. The engines of the Atego for the premiere 1998 and the introduction of the "heavy Atego" were in detail:

Row four-cylinder COM 904 LA:

  • Atego x12: 4,250 cm | 90 KW/(122 HP) | 470 Nm with 1.200 - 1,600 rpm
  • Atego x15: 4,250 cm | 122 KW/(150 HP) | 580 Nm with 1.200 - 1,600 rpm
  • Atego x17: 4,250 cm | 125 KW/(170 HP) | 670 Nm with 1.200 - 1,600 rpm

Row four-cylinder COM 906 LA:

  • Atego x23: 6,374 cm | 170 KW/(231 HP) | 810 Nm with 1.200 - 1,600 rpm
  • Atego xx28: 6,374 cm | 205 KW/(279 HP) | 1,100 Nm with 1.200 - 1,600 rpm
  • Atego xx33: 7,210 cm | 240 KW/(326 HP) | 1,300 Nm with 1.200 - 1,600 rpm

The Facelift

To model year 2005 the Facelift finally came, with which the turn signals were increased and which were adapted front to more to the new Actros (since March 2003). The engines remained, but they could now with a new a hydraulically operated transmission named G131-9 (4-Gang-Grundgetriebe with splitting and creeper speed (Crawler), as well as a reverse gear) or the likewise new G85-6 with Telligent Schaltautomatik (a taken over a technology from the Actros), which among other things also the braking and driving assistance regulation (ABS, ASR, BAS etc.) as well as take over further functions as for instance to the Wankregulierung offer, to be combined. Still at the end of of 2005 was extended the engine program a new row four-cylinder (data down), which counts itself due to its clearly smaller weight opposite the row six cylinder COM 906 LA particularly in the pay load-sensitive 11,99-Tonnen-Segment. The Atego x17 erstarkte besides by 7 HP on now 177 HP (as well as around 5 Nm to 675 Nm) and became the Atego x18.

Besides Mercedes revised the complete cockpit, which from then on extremely modern and nearly passenger car-moderately comes along and which there is in three different versions: when distributor, long-distance traffic and comfort variant, whereby all vehicles are in series equipped with the distributor cockpit, against surcharge however with the two other types can be equipped. The distributor cockpit exhibits besides a narrow parapet wall to simplify over the Durchstieg to the passenger seat and can when desired with a center seat are equipped. Long-distance traffic and comfort variant have a broad parapet wall with additional files, wertige surfaces (comfort) or many files on the engine mount (long-distance traffic). A further important innovation were the widened beds, which are sufficiently broadly guessed/advised now with 64,5 cm (down) and 70 cm (above) and exhibit for the additional increase of the comfort a strongly loadable slat rust.

New engines (row four-cylinder COM 924 LA):

  • Atego x18: 4,250 cm | 130 KW/(177 HP) | 675 Nm with 1.200-1.600 rpm
  • Atego x22: 4,820 cm | 160 KW/(218 HP) | 810 Nm with 1.200-1.600 rpm
Atego 815 with box-type van bodyAtego 815 with nocturnal employmentAtego 1225 as a fire-brigade

Source of the data and facts: Mercedes Benz Atego catalog 1999 and 2006 undMercedes Benz Internet operational readiness level

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