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The asylum proceeding law (AsylVerfG, also: AsylVfG) regulates the asylum proceeding in the Federal Republic of Germany. It concretizes thereby the right to asylum according to kind 16a GG.

Base data
Shortened title:Asylum proceeding law
Full title:ders.
Type:Federal law
Right subject:Administrative law
Range of validity:Federal Republic of Germany
Abbreviation:AsylVfG (also: AsylVerfG)
Announcing day:26. June 1992 (BGBl. I 1992, P. 1126)
Current version:1. July 2004 (BGBl. I 2004, P. 718)

Together with the residence law and the belonging to regulations the asylum proceeding law forms the largest part of the foreigner right.

People entitled to asylum are awarded the rights after the international agreement over the legal status by refugees (GRP).


After the asylum proceeding law contradictions are impossible. If no acknowledgment of the asylum-seeker takes place, this can wait or push away either.

A distribution of the asylum-seekers on the Lands of the Federal Republic takes place after a ratio key. Asylum-seekers may not leave them assigned district without written permission.

Course of law

In principle the administrative law way is open. The asylum proceeding law formulates however special regulations, which proceed rules of the administrative court (VwGO). In particular the regulation of the redress period and the restrictions of redress deviate in restrictive regard from the VwGO.

Punishing and legal regulations covering fines

With the penalty clauses in "§"§ the 84, 84a and 85 AsylVerfG the law belongs to the Nebenstrafrecht. Above all the abusive application for asylum position and the stay in another district than the assigned are placed under punishment.

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