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On 6 December 1992 Helmut Kohl the parties CDU, CSU, FDP and SPD agreed on the asylum compromise improvised under pressure and with it for the change of the Basic Law under the cabinet. To the right of asylum should be able itself to only appoint, who is dependent actually on protection from political pursuit in Germany.

Historical operational sequence

1992 culminated the Zuwanderung in 1.219.348 influxes. Among them are nearly 440,000 asylum-seekers. The high request numbers led to an increasingly long procedure duration and caused a high cost load with the municipalities for accommodation and supply during the Asylverfahrens.1992 quick the German numbers of asylum-seekers up, the Migranten came particularly from former at present Yugoslavia in the civil war. Large parts of the German population felt the number of the refugees and asylum-seekers entering into the Federal Republic of Germany as too high. This suspicion in the public perception was fed by to a large extent negatively granted, precipitously risen request numbers. Since only 4.25 per cent of the requests were granted actually positively, the high portion did not affect person entitled to asylum applicant the acceptance of the asylum fundamental right in the population negatively. From the topic asylum abuse caught fire concerning a violent political and social argument the foreigner and asylum politics. The German society feared a threat for the social peace. This tumbe fear articulated itself not only verbal but expressed themselves also in strange-hostile crimes, which spurred again free riders to pretend the fears as cause for their criminal behavior. Too partly deadly running arson attacks and heavy excesses came particularly against asylum-seeker accommodations and their inhabitant. Numerous native ones expressed at the same time their solidarity with the victims and threatened in the form of demonstrations and candlelight demonstrations.

In view of the escalations FDP and SPD agreed after most controversies discussions relating to domestic affairs of a change of the fundamental right on asylum. The insertion new articles 16a of an exp. 2 limits the entrance to the political asylum strongly. Who enters from a country classified as safe third state to Germany, cannot appoint itself since then any longer to the fundamental right to asylum. With one the person took up be sent back immediately at the state border or in border proximity can. If a person originates from a "safe origin state, the refusal of the application for asylum usually takes place. As flanking measure Germany defines itself by one-sided explanations as surrounded by safe third states. In June 1993 the right of asylum reform obtained over the asylum compromise comes into force.

The Federal Constitutional Court confirmed to 14. May 1996 with three judgements the constitutionality of the change of Basic Law and itself the singlelegal regulations resulting in from it.

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