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Asheron's call 2 is a MMORPG of the software company turbine Entertainment, which was manufactured 2003. It is the continuation of the successful first part of Asheron's call from the year 1999.

History begins generations after the "end" of the predecessor in and a divided world destroyed now: Dereth.

Races and classes

In the Fantasy environment of Asheron's call 2 three races stand to the selection, i.e. Lugianer, Tumerok and humans. These again have the possibility of learning different occupations (classes):

  • Humans:
    • Booty hunter (close combat)
    • Defender (close combat)
    • Forest runner (remote fight)
    • Alchimist (remote fight)
    • Verzauberer (magic)
    • Magier (magic)
  • Tumerok:
    • Savage leader (close combat)
    • Fanatic (close combat)
    • Claw carrier (remote fight)
    • Swarm guardian (remote fight)
    • Caller (magic)
    • Soundly (magic)
  • Lugianer:
    • Berserker (close combat)
    • Moloch (close combat)
    • Burglar (remote fight)
    • Tactician (remote fight)
    • Elementaryist (magic)
    • More wisely (magic)


Additionally to these classes still talents from the respective basis talent trees (close combat, remote fight, magic) are open to the player, which he can combine freely with other talents. Thus large organization variety and one are offered can be virtual age Ego in according to its desires and his play way to adapt.

A characteristic here is that no decision which talents one learns is unreversible. It is at any time possible to learn already learned talents abzutrainieren and but different.

The world

The play world "Dereth "is divided into meanwhile 4 ranges (continents), which are accessible starting from a certain experience stage of the respective play character:

  • Osteth, the homeland of humans, contains the starting area for all 3 races and is represented in medieval Design.
  • Omishan is the homeland of the Tumerok. This concerns a jungle area, which is accessible only starting from stage 15.
  • The Linvak massif is with its mountain country shank in the nordischen Design the homeland of the Lugianer.
  • Arramora is an island and contains 3 smaller archipelagoes for KvK fights (kingdom against kingdom). The island is accessible starting from stage 46 after after completion so-called "of the hero Quests "which one special resuming talents to attain can.
  • Knorr is a forgotten continent, which forms the homeland of the Empyrianer. It is accessible starting from stage 30 and becomes available only by the acquisition to expansion of the luggage (putting ion).


The so-called Crafting system is very flexible and divided into the ranges raw material search, armament-forges, weapon-forges. Charm connection and tool production.

One needs here no previous knowledge. Everything which one know must, in a Tutorial manual exactly explained and is thus - like the remaining play likewise - very in-riser-friendly.


Every 2 months (until autumn 2004 monthly) a free update is made available by developer turbine, who new Quests, new talents or extensions at the play mechanics contain.


Asheron' s call 2 was published at the beginning of of 2003 after the usual beta test phase and had immediately quite strong Zuspruch on the part of the MMORPG Community.

Problems with the Publisher at that time Microsoft as well as the reduced paying system resulting from it (payment of the monthly contribution is possible only by credit card) led however to the fact that this play, despite his varied Quests and deep history, lost continuously members. If there was in the middle of 2003 of still approx. 3000 players, then the current player number moves with approx. 500 altogether.

To 4. May 2005 appearing expansion luggage "putting ion "and the announcement to implement alternative paying methods offer a perspective on again increasing player numbers.

The servers were switched off on 30 December 2005. Further playing is now no longer possible. This meets on refusal with most players. The play Asheron's call 1 will not be affected by the disconnection

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