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Short info.
Developer:Logic Factory
Publisher:Virgin Interactive
Publication date:1996
Category:Computer strategy play
Play modes:Singleplayer
Acoustic output:-
Interactive videotext:German

Ascendancy is that 1996 published Debutwerk of the software softwareschmiede Logic Factory and round a strategy play.

A goal of the play

Ascendancy places the player before the task to make the ascent to the galactic Imperium for its race possible (there are their 21 with very different abilities). However the possible goals are various. Apart from the conquest of the entire galaxy there is for example also the possibility of winning the play on diplomatic way by forging a galaxy width alliance. Besides is after play reach a goal not simply to end. Thus one can win in a play practically several times, if one reaches several "victory conditions" at the same time or successively.

Play environment

Contrary to comparable plays such as masters OF Orion offered for the first time a genuinly three-dimensional play environment to Ascendancy. The playing field consists of a spherical accumulation of solar systems, which are connected by so-called "asterisking races". The movement of spaceships between the systems is possible only along these connecting lines. Each solar system forms an final area for itself, as spaceships can move completely freely in all three dimensions. Even the rotation of the planets around the Zentralgestirn was converted.

The control of solar systems and settling the planets is a substantial play element. Colonizing the planets takes place thereby category-usually via the building from different buildings such as factories, research laboratories and housing units. Differently than in comparable plays it is however possible to establish on a colonized planet as many as desired buildings of each type. The number of possible mechanisms is limited by the size of the planet. Thus the player can co-ordinate the three production fields industry, research and population growth very finely. On the other hand this play mechanism ensures also for the fact that the player is confronted with large realms very fast with a large number of planets, which must be administered all individually.

Technique tree

An unusual idea is the three-dimensional representation of the technique tree, the own race the available the knowledge. Many investigated technologies represent conditions for the study of further progress. The player decides, which gives technology he which can be investigated the priority. In this way develops a nonlinear technology tree, which leads to completely different technological abilities at the individual races.

Galactic races

The developers of Ascendancy implemented altogether 21 different extraterrestial races, from which 3 to 7 exists at the same time in a galaxy. The races differ from each other substantially in their appearance and their objectives. Besides each race possesses a special ability, which can use it in regular intervals, in order economic, diplomatic or military advantages to provide.

Foreign policy and diplomacy

Meet with other galactic races can either indifferently, in an alliance or in a conflict run. Conflicts can be solved here both diplomatically and militarily.

The behavior of a race (peacefully, neutrally or aggressively) hangs both of the characteristics of the race, of the negotiation behavior of the player and of the global climate of the galaxy off (this can be selected before beginning of play).

Ascendancy II multi-verses

Logic Factory communicated to publish in the year 2005 the continuation Ascendancy II multi-verses. This continuation is planned as "on-line multiplayer university Universities of "(on-line multi-players universe). There is to be many singular races and enormous galaxies which can be investigated.

The play is carried out with the internal diagram development software Hydra and contained the original Logic Factory music.

Market success

Ascendancy became a goal of the criticism and was no sales impact. The computer intelligence of the opponents was very bad, whereby the play offered practically no challenge for the players. A late published Patch, which repaired this, did not become generally accepted with the players. Besides also the translation was in German insufficient.

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